Introducing…. The Seattle Kraken

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I don’t know how many Holders follow hockey. If you don’t, you should definitely start, and here is a new team you don’t have to bandwagon for. Back in December of 2018, the NHL decided to add another expansion team along with the Vegas Golden Knights. After searching for cities, they decided that Seattle will be the lucky winner of the expansion team sweepstakes (Still waiting for an NHL team in NOLA). Yesterday, after nearly a year and a half of waiting, they have finally revealed the team name, logo, and colors. Welcome to the NHL, the Seattle Kraken. There were mixed emotions on social media of the new team name, however, I for one am a huge fan. Let’s dive in in the only way Trainwreck knows how and grade each aspect of the NHL’s newest team.

Name and Logos

I love the name ‘Kraken’. A mythical creature of the sea, on a city on the sea, I think it flows perfectly. I’m glad they didn’t screw the pooch with the team name. It’s very unique, not some basic ass name like the Salmon or King Crabs or some shit like that. Also, I don’t know about you, but I love the logo(s). Granted, the S looks like the pencil drawings that I used to make in grade school:

However, I do love the style they went with. The incorporation of the eye of the Kraken, along with the tentacle going along the side of the S, I truly believe they nailed this logo. Moving onto their secondary logo, I also think they killed it. The anchor, an obvious symbol of the sea, along with the incorporation of Seattle’s iconic Space Needle Tower, this logo perfectly describes Seattle. A city built by the sea, and now an NHL team that solely revolves around the sea? I’m here for this. I’m just glad they didn’t call them the Seattle Chop Zone and had multiple rioters as their logo or hell, even a burning police car Well done, management.

Also, is their arena going to be called the krakhouse? Their fans the krakheads? Something to think about…


Jersey and Color Scheme

Their jerseys are pretty sick as well. I did not think I would be a fan of the multiple shades of blue, but I kind of dig it. Although I think the one single shade of red throws everything off a bit, I still think it ended up looking pretty damn good. Personally, I am more a fan of the white jerseys than the blue, but to each their own. I guess the color scheme is appropriate too. The Kraken symbolizes the sea, so the multiple shades of blue representing the multiple shades of the ocean flow real well.

Very glad they did not go with the shit green or black that Krakens usually are depicted as looking like. Or even the dirty brown of the HORRENDOUS tasting Kraken Spiced Rum. Yeah, I know people like it, however, I personally think it tastes awful. Overall, I like the color scheme and the jerseys. I could say they could be better, but I have no recommendations on what to change. No, I am not some marketing genius like many of you think I am.

Jersey Rating: 8/10

Color Scheme Rating: 7.3/10


Amazon Climate Pledge Arena

First, BOOOOOOOOO. Really? We don’t see Amazon enough? At our doorstep every day, in our kitchen when we’re cooking? On the toilet trying to listen to some tunes while you poop? I am personally upset by this. Also, naming the arena Climate Pledge sucks. I think it’s badass how they will be the “be the first net zero carbon certified arena in the world.” Because you know, saving the climate is important. But you really have to shove it in our faces like that? Come on man. A stadium name should roll of the tongue. Something quick and easy like the Bridgestone Arena, Enterprise Center, hell even the T Mobile Arena. The Amazon Climate Pledge Arena is just too much to handle.

Alright, now we’re talking. The interior is dope. Not one but two big screens? Optimal viewing for everyone. The view out of the back sides of the stadium is also cool. I like arenas that give you an outdoor view and does not make you feel like you are trapped in a cell with 30,000 other people. It also looks a little bigger than a regular NHL arena. If I’m ever in Seattle, which the way things are going there will probably be never, I will definitely try and check out a game there.

Arena Name Rating: 0.6/10

Arena Interior: 7.8/10

Holders, need ya opinions

The Kraken will debut in the 2021/2022 NHL Season. For my hockey Holders out there, what do you think? Are you a fan of the new team name and look? What could they do differently? Better? I know you wonderful group of degenrates have some ideas, so let me hear them. I promise I will take everything with a grain of salt.

Also, while you’re here, please buy some merch. Once again, the Mayo man has threatened me if we do not hit is sky high quota of shirt sales. You can find all your Mayo gear HERE. It is bolded and italicized so I can signal to you clowns to click there. The Lords Day series is going fast, so prove you are a true Mayo lover and buy one today.


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