Is Bryson DeChambeau Going Off The Deep End?

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If you follow golf, you know that the talk of the tour since the restart has been Bryson DeChambeau’s remarkable body transformation. The man has gone from 195 pounds in 2019 to hovering around 240 pounds in 2020. His diet is that of a professional body builder:

  • Breakfast: Four eggs, six pieces of bacon, two pieces of toast, and two protein shakes
  • Throughout day: Multiple PB&J sandwiches, protein bars, snacks, and two to three protein shakes
  • Dinner: Steak, potatoes, two protein shakes

I mean I get the diet if you are competing in the Strongman Competition, but for a golfer? That is INSANE. Granted, he drove the ball 428 yards last weekend, however, everyone in the golf world knows he’s sacrificing accuracy for power. While blowing his body up, he has also recorded multiple meltdowns on the golf course. From berating a cameraman for doing his job, to practically calling the PGA Tour Rules officials liars, there can only be one explanation for his actions:


I mean look at this glow up. This man went from the size of a perfectly average human being to looking like the damn Hulk. I know that if someone puts in the hard work, you will see results. However, I do think there is a little more than an insane diet that caused Bryson to blow up. That boy was more than likely sticking a needle in his ass like Barry Bonds, Sammy Sosa, and Mark McGwire. I mean I don’t like to accuse anyone of anything, but the way he has been behaving on the course the last couple of weeks, it can only mean one thing. This little thing called roid rage. If you do not know what this is, you don’t deserve to be reading this blog. Steroids make you ultra aggressive, so that can definitely be a reason why Bryson has been acting like a baby back bitch out on the course. Let us see the few examples.

Rocket Mortgage Classic – Cameraman Incident

Someone remind me the job of a professional sports cameraman? Oh right, it is to film what is going on in said event. However, when Bryson messed up a shot out of the bunker and the cameraman filmed his reaction, lets just say he was not too happy about him being recorded. (Please enjoy this shitty YouTube video I found that broke down the altercation).

He was worried that how he reacted on that particular shot would “damage his brand”. Buddy, you literally gave the people what they want to see. People want to see golfers react to their shots, whether it be good or bad. People get tired of seeing a bunch of robots out on the course with no emotion. But going off on a cameraman for doing his job? Bryson, you just did more brand damage to yourself than that cameraman would ever do to you. Berating a cameraman is the lowest you can go. It’s like going off on the computer players on Madden or 2K. Are you mad? Yes. Does it solve anything? No. Do you feel like an asshole after? Absolutely. The fact that he ended up winning this tournament really rubbed me the wrong way. Some people want the crybabys to lose, not win.

Memorial Open – Arguing with the Rules Officials, that’s right, the RULES OFFICIALS

In case you don’t follow golf, you can’t hit the ball out of bounds. Which is exactly what Bryson did. Like I said, his monster drives come at the cost of accuracy, so there was no doubt in my mind that this ball was hit out of play. BUT, Bryson did not think the ball out of bounds. (Please enjoy this non-shitty YouTube video and Tweet that shows what happened in real time).

He did not agree with the first Rules Official that ruled the ball out of bounds, so he demanded ANOTHER Rules Official come pass along his judgment. In a surprising turn of events, the second Rules Official ruled that the ball was out of bounds as well. This was a Par 5, and good ole Bryson ended up scoring a 10 on the hole. If you don’t know, that’s really REALLY bad. He was sitting in prime position to make the cut, however, after this, he fell so far back and failed to make the cut. Twitter had a field day with that.

Yes, I can also relate to this. I started playing golf legitimately back in March when Quarantine started. Am I good? God no. But have I shot under 90 twice in the last two weeks? You’re damn right. Progress baby.

Back to the cameraman incident at the Rocket Mortgage Classic. After his meltdown with the officials, Bryson’s caddie literally ran to block the cameraman from filming his reaction. Once again, total bitch move. My God did I want to see his breakdown on this.


These are just two examples of a LIST of incidents, complaints, and controversies that Bryson has been involved in. Do steroids have anything to do with it? I don’t know, but if I were a betting man, which I am, I would say probably. The rapid body transformation? The aggressiveness on a relatively calm professional sport? I’m no detective, but the signs are there. Holders, what do you think?

Unfortunately, it does not look like he is competing in the 3M Open this weekend. What a shame, I have come to look forward to the weekly Bryson meltdown.

Hold It.

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