It’s Nick Diaz Fight Week, His Rules From Here On Out

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Nick Diaz Fight Week

Grab ya wildest bros and a bag of grass cause it is most certainly Nick Diaz fight week. That means throw predictable out the fucking window.

A different man amongst different men.

Same guy who could’ve pulled a clean robbery on Rampage Jackson while he was completely tanked.

The king of buzz talk.

HAHA, it’s always outta order with this dude.

The Blood Runs Deep

The Diaz bros are without a doubt the highest brothers in the world, but they also both come to throw hands and talk shit. Nobody ever knows what the fuck they are really talking about.

However, Nick Diaz is facing a man he knocked out in 2004. That is how long Diaz has been throwing hands in the UFC. He’s had some spurts where he’s gone completely missing and the last 2400+ days is a prime example.

Catches Robbie with a nervous system stopper.

What Will Happen…

Lawler will be the favorite as he’s been active even at 39 years old facing guys like Colby Covington, Neil Magny, and Ben Askren. Losing all three of those contest and that Askren one was more than questionable. Diaz could just be out of his fucking mind trying to get back into the octagon and get shut down quickly in this fight. Something tells me it wont

I’d still say Nate has the better chin, but both the brothers can fucking throw. Incredible boxers, both of em. However, he’s getting Lawler at a time where Robbie wants to win badly. Somebody will get knocked out and I’m just so uncertain about Nick Diaz’s chin compared to Robbie’s.

Lastly, Robbie seems the least bit worried about having to go up a weight-class to meet Nick’s mandatory lifestyle demands.

LOL dude is ready to fight.

Mayo is taking Robbie Lawler to win, but hoping Nick Diaz proves me wrong. The fight is Saturday night on UFC 266 and I will be releasing Mayo Spreads regarding picks and predictions. It’s tradition.

Stevin Lacoste
The 360 Home Inspector

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