Jake Paul Just Said He’s The Mike Tyson Of This Era, He Said That

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Jake Paul Tyson Comparison

Anyone has that Jake Paul/Tyson comparison lingering on their mind lately? Don’t worry, Jake has it on his mind for ya. Approaching his upcoming fight with Tyron Woodley on Saturday night, JP decided to really make ya scratch ya head.


On the record, I am taking Jake Paul this weekend and believe in the hype of him being a fantastic boxer. DUDE CAN THROW.

His power is pretty eye opening when combined with the speed and precision he’s bringing as a boxer. But, we gonna pump all the brakes on this outta pocket verbiage. Pump the fuck out them brakes.

This guy?

This era’s Tyson?

It just wouldn’t qualify for comparison.

Ya Know?

Paul is 24 with four fights under his belt, but Tyson was only 13 with 30+ arrests under his belt. By 16 he was training to be a world champ and by 20 Mike was the world champ. Youngest champ ever at 20.

The background and rise of Tyson means more to me as a fight fan than Jake Paul being on Disney, Vine, and eventually breaking through on YouTube to only become notable enough to get a fight with Tyron Woodley this Saturday night.

People were legit scared to death of Mike Tyson inside the ring and outside the ring. I’m not buying that dudes are scared of Jake Paul just yet, maybe they just busy or not interested. Tyson was ruthless and his life supported it in every single fashion.

Like, Bro…

It took two rounds for Paul (who is claiming he’s this era’s Mike Tyson) to knock out Nate fucking Robinson.

Let that sink in for a minute.

Granted, the knockout sent Nate packing for life, but ya think a 24 year old Tyson gets to round two with Nate Robinson?

Not a fucking chance.

This Dude

This fella Frankie Frank could maybe even give Paul a common man run for his money, who fucking knows.

maybe Frankie Frank could knock JP out.

But, if Tyson was 24 and Paul was exactly what he is today, I’m putting my dick and balls on the line that Tyson sends em to hell in the first round. That’s just a common man’s opinion.

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