Jake Paul Just Sent Nate Robinson Straight To Hell

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Watch Jake Paul Send Nate Robinson To Hell.

When the night had started to get dull, Jake Paul took former slam dunk mini-monster Nate Robinson on a trip to hell.

Looks like he knocked em into a different person.

My man don’t even fucking look the same. Didn’t see this one on my wager card, but ya can bet ya pocket change that I would’ve laid mine on Nate. Well, look who is fucking laying now Devin…

Jake Paul just ruined a whole holiday season for Nate.

Nate’s jolly holiday season has come to an end before it started. He will forever get dawged like biscuits over getting knocked out by the YouTube sensation known as Jake Paul.

One more time for the mind blown…


Snoop out here overachieving, simply.

& so is Undefeated YouTube star Jake Paul…

2-0 with a mollywhopping defeat of a former NBA first round pick.

SHEESH, let em have it!

Nate didn’t like that flick…

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