Jake Paul May Actually Be Funny Sometimes

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Jake Paul May Actually Be FUnny

Don’t take this the wrong way when I say that this latest content released by Jake Paul may actually be pretty entertaining and hilarious. Nah, he is witty.

Not one boxer or UFC fighter will be able to top this.

Guy is a walking promotional douchebag, but when will folks finally understand that this is what sells? It just fucking does and this is just fucking funny. Ya boy died at the Dana White angle.

Cocaine or no cocaine, speed or slow…

Jake Paul is Jake Pauling.

Jose Canseco?

See ya later bro. You must be out ya juiced up medulla to think ya stand a chance in a twitter war with JP. Jose, the ultimate snitch and wussie just called out Father Paul. Canseco versus Bonds or A-Rod is the only match acceptable in that lane.

Ben Askren?

Ben says…

Ok, now we talking something pretty good.

Never Forget, how could ya?

Askren will be forever known as the chump who got sent to la la land by Masvidal, but is actually a decent troll when it comes down to it. Don’t count Askren out by any means in this upcoming fight if he can get JP to the ground. Actual combat? See ya later.

What we do know is that Paul is running circles around social media saying whatever in the blue fuck he’d like to mention verbally and it’s working out for him. I like the guy way more today then last week…cause this was awful.

I’ll wager big ole bucks he takes care of Askren.

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