Jake Paul Versus Ben Askren On Saturday Is Must Watch Shit

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Ben Askren Versus Jake Paul

Easily the biggest thing going on this weekend is Jake Paul versus Ben Askren on Saturday night in that wack ass Atlanta Mercedes-Benz Stadium. Not sold yet? Welp, Snoop Dogg will be hosting the event and a man is a damn lie if he says that Snoop has ever missed on commentary.

Saturday Night
Paul vs. Askren
Imagine Ben Askren winning…

Still not sold? Then there is no selling you. That means you’ve disregarded the fact that New Orleans own Regis Prograis is lacing up the gloves to fight some fella who been sitting on his ass for almost two years. Need an update on Regis? He’s fucking ripping people apart by day.

Regis Prograis
25-1 (21KO)

Also, former UFC Heavyweight Frank Mir makes an appearance on the card to fight some dude that’ll prolly knock em out. Other than that, let’s get back to what’s important about this Askren/Paul fight.

Dana White Wager

UFC President Dana White has said he’d wager a million dollars on Jake Paul losing to Askren. Regardless of if this wager is actually gonna get placed by Dana, it’s still a bold fucking statement.

Mike Tyson

“Dana he’s a great fighter”

Doubt he will do this wager…
this dude is a fucking nut bro.

Ben Askren Energy

Meanwhile, Ben Askren is casually prepping for what could be the greatest or worst night of his life. HOW THE FUCK the Masvidal KO could be topped is beyond me, but I got a feeling that if Askren gets KO’d it’s gonna be pretty nasty. However, if Ben can prevail for America….

Hearts On Fire
Ben Askren

Biebs Present

Justin Bieber will be performing and that is my last selling point on watching this event however possible come Saturday. Think I’m paying for this shit? Absolutely not. But, I’ll be working my way into watching it by Saturday night because I’m a fucking common man.


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