Jalin Turner Brought A Whole Ass TARANTULA To The Party

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Jalin Turner UFC Fighter just brought a full ass tarantula to weigh-in's.

UFC Vegas 10 weigh-ins took a crawl in a weird direction when Jalin Turner brought a fucking tarantula along side. Nothing I wouldn’t fuck with more than one of these creepy fucks.

Talking about the spider and Turner.

Turner, who in my opinion looks like Myles Turner, will now face Brok Weaver after a UFC trademarked switcharoo.

Jalin Turner brought a spider to fight this guy.

If Turner looks like Myles,

then Brok looks like SixNine.

This will be a prelim matchup ya can’t miss after seeing this gentleman pull a spider out his palm. How does one develop a friendship with a tarantula?

Jalin Turner is freaking everyone the fuck out.

Gripping that son of a bitch too, so weird. Here is a better image for the blind. Seems as if the spider is yelling…

I’m sure Clemons will have his predictions shortly…



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