Jared Cook Eats On Sunday, While Many Eat Their Words

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Can we test the old memory real quick? How many people you know mentioned something about Jared Cook’s football ability at one point during this season? The answer has to be quite a few. How many people dropped Jared Cook from their fantasy team at least one time already this season?

It is totally okay….

I’m one of them. Luckily for all of us, reality is getting served on the plate. The kitchen is wide open and Jared Cook is making 5 course fucking meals for everyone who said he was a bum. Who was ready to trade Jared Cook on their Saints franchise a few weeks back and move the team forward? He knows you called him trash.

Cook is literally transforming into the biggest hater blocker we’ve ever seen of late at his position in New Orleans. He’s just blocking hate out with a steaming hot, extremely motivated, swagger. Guy is touching the sky cam on some of these grabs. Jared’s 32 years old? He’s no morning squirrel. Hold The Mayo, Cook has four scores in his last five games. Colby Fleener is somewhere making pigs in the blanket. The Saints TE situation has risen from the dead in the form of Jared Cook.

Drew went to Jared…Good Choice!

Jared Cook Knows You Called Him Trash Bro!

Oh and…

Carolina will be looking for a new kicker this week. Isn’t it nice to know Will “Big Nuts” Lutz will always take care of you when called upon? Carolina cries tonight. Drew eats, Jared eats, and The Saints are now 9-2 after a tummy turning division win.

Say It Ain’t So Pal?

Big Nutz Shows The Man How It Works…

Saints Win On The Lord’s Day. Hold it.

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