Jaxson Hayes Arrested And Hospitalized, Willie Green’s Job Has Begun

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Jaxson Hayes Arrested, Hospitalized

The 2019 eighth overall pick Jaxson Hayes was arrested, hospitalized, and could potentially get booked for felony battery on a police officer. Yeah, welcome to the New Orleans Pelicans Willie Green!

Yep, the whole two two impactful players in the top ten of the 2019 draft talk has surely fizzled at this point…unfortunately.

potential trade asset too

Both Hayes and the police officer were taken to the hospital after an altercation happened at an LA area home. See, that’s my problem rightttttt there.

  • Jaxson has no ties to Los Angeles.
  • Why is he even there? Training?
  • What is the deal with everyone training in Los Angeles if that is even the reason why he’s out there? The real heat is down here and idk, a 21 year old pro basketball player living in Los Angeles…just sounds like a reach.

I understand Marshon Lattimore being in Ohio, he’s from there and so is Jaxson Hayes. I cannot grasp a Jaxson Hayes living out there. Was this his house? Who fucking knows, but what I do know is LA sucks. Ain’t nobody tryna go hang out with Anthony Davis by google.

“NBA can really suck my dick”
watching some cartoons lol

David Griffin already had a fucked up off-season ahead of him and this won’t help shit when it comes to getting some better talent on the club. Jaxson Hayes has been that raw talent that has shown to have the skills to be something in this league. Other than that we don’t know much, but it seems like a 21 year old is doing 21 year old shit.

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