Jerry Springer Gave Us Some Of The Best TV We Will Ever See

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You knew when them shoes came flying off, the crowd started chanting Jerry and that censor beep starting binging that you were watching The Jerry Springer Show. Skipped so many days of school watching this shit.

Never was and never will be anything like it ever again. This show defined the 90s in my opinion, it was what people were watching on a daily basis whether they wanted to or not. As a kid, this was the jackpot of watching television for me if my Dad wasn’t home.

May have not been ya first choice, but may have been ya uncles first choice at his house. People did house chores with this on.

Jerry Springer gave us controversy, drama and raw unfiltered television. Nobody cares if it was fake because everything was real to us back then. It was almost a getaway show. Tune out of whatever else was going on and watch Jerry Springer. Somebody had to be the person to bring this type of shit to TV at least once and Jerry Springer stepped up.

I’m just blessed to have been a kid growing up when this shit was on the tube. It wasn’t meant to be for the present day, it was meant to be for the 90s and early 2000s. What a time to be alive and mfer did we live.

I respect pioneers of television like Jerry Springer and today we can look back to say he did something completely memorable and legendary. Can’t forget the end of each episode, the final thought.

Rest in peace to a Tulane graduate and one of a kind television icon.

One more time,



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