Black and Gold Burrow!?

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New Orleans Saints Trade

Are the New Orleans Saints attempting to trade with the Bengirls for the right to select “Big Dick Joe” Burrow number one overall in this year’s draft!? That is the word on the interwebs over at One of their users, with the handle “Swimmer”, claims to have inside info from a person named “Coach Pete”(Not Pete Carmichael).

“At Any Cost”

To summarize, the rumor is that Sean Payton wants Burrow at all costs. The apparent offer consists of multiple first, second, third and fourth round picks! Oh and some guy named Alvin freaking Kamara! It doesn’t stop there. There’s a kink in the deal. The greedy bastards want Michael Thomas, too!

Would it Happen?

To put it simply, no. History is against this one. The first pick has only been traded five times. The first four times it happened, the team trading up had either the fifth or sixth overall selections as ammunition. Most recently, the Rams pulled off the feat with the fifteenth overall selection as its biggest trade chip. In total, the Rams gave up two firsts, two seconds, and two thirds to move up and select Jared Goff. OOF!

Could the New Orleans Saints trade for the pick to draft “Big Balls” Burrow? It isn’t impossible. Everything has a price. And, every once in a while, some dufus is dumb enough to pay it. Looking at you, Mike Ditka!

What Would You Give Up?

Cincy has already put it out to the media that they aren’t entertaining offers for the pick. I don’t necessarily believe that. They’d be idiotic if they didn’t listen to offers. I’m also not convinced that this rumor has any truth to it. However, this whole rumor does bring up a fun question. If you were in the Saints shoes, what would you be willing to give up for the right to keep Joe Burrow in Louisiana!? Let us know on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or right here in the comments section below!

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