Joe Kelly Has Rick Vaughn Energy

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Joe Kelly

Last night the Dodgers faced off against the Houston Astros and Joe Kelly did what we all have been feeling since the Astro’s were caught bangin’ on some trashcans like they’re in a Doug Funny cartoon. Joe Kelly has Rick Vaughn energy and I love it. He has a habit of erratic behavior on the mound but nothing has been as great as his performance last night. On a 3-0 count Kelly sent a 96 MPH fastball zooming just inches above Alex Bregman’s head. Then proceeds to YAWN because this guy is clearly unhinged.

Quarantine King

When quarantine was still a thing and people were following the rules Kelly first went viral practicing his change-up in his backyard that led to a broken window. Peep the video down below. This is probably the reason he’s a relief pitcher and not a starter.

Joe Kelly has Rick Vaughn Energy

Elaborate Plot or No Control?

HOWEVER, if one were to be as crazy as Kelly seemed last night, you can’t convince me this wasn’t an elaborate plot. It’s all an elaborate play for when he faced the ‘Stros. With evidence of no control, he has room for excuse. Too much conspiracy? I’m not sure, all I know is this is the baseball content I crave. Let’s be honest does anyone ACTUALLY care about baseball or do we just pretend to be good sports fans?

Joe Kelly has Rick Vaughn energy.

This is what I needed from the MLB after the disaster that has been the Florida Marlins. Excitement. How are we supposed to care if there is no bad blood? I love it. I need it. Sports are not great without some fights and bench clearing. That shows passion, dedication, and a chance for all those unhinged crazy dudes to throw a 96 MPH fastball at someone’s head. Twitter is still loving all this Joe Kelly content and he deserves all the credit for putting the MLB back on the map after and all credit is due to him embodying the spirit of Rick Vaughn himself.

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