John Cena and CM Punk Were Gods

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CM Punk Pipebomb

MITB 2011 is one for the ages

The summer of 2011 marks a period in wrestling history that will be forever looked back upon as the time period that got more “asses back in seats” than ever before. With no WWE alternative competing for your eyeballs you were forced to pay attention to what was going on at the E’ to get your wrestling fix. This was a time period in which WWE permeated into the mainstream once again, a time when John Cena and CM Punk were Gods in the squared circle. This day 9 years the cult icon CM Punk defeated John Cena in Chicago for the WWE Championship.

The Setup.

John Cena was smiley babyfaced champion WWE would sell to children. After years of beer drinkin’ and titty showin’ they wanted moms to buy their product. He took WWE and fully distanced the newly branded PG company from the prior Attitude Era, bringing the company to new heights business wise. As a result WWE risked losing their initial hardcore fans( a story all of the marks are familiar with). Cena was the guy WWE chose to be the new Hogan. Instead of prayers and vitamins it was hustle,loyalty, and respect, and to a new generation of wrestling fans this was great. To nearly everyone else who grew up in the Attitude Era it was soft and we hated it.

CM Punk: Enter Stage Left

Punk was the antithesis of Cena. He was a guy who was threatened to be fired and was doubted from day 1.Worked his way up the ladder only to receive some good jobs and pats on the back. He was gifted nothing. However, he had the gifts. CM Punk wasn’t going to sit around and take orders.He wasn’t a babyface that wore Affliction, he wasn’t a heel that wore Affliction, Punk was everything you didn’t expect a WWE superstar to be, which is precisely why he had a problem with Cena. Punk presented the alternative, bringing an edge to the company that had been missing since the Attitude Era. He was the guy. He takes no shit, talks all the shit, and is a man of his word. Harley Race and Stone Cold Steve Austin had a punk rock straight edge baby and that baby was CM Punk

Hey Colt Cabana, how you doin?

He didn’t appreciate the fact that John was handed everything while he continuously busted his ass. As a result of this he hated Cena and all his corpo nonsense. Punk was real and authentic and couldn’t stand to see a guy like John Cena have the belt he so felt he earned and deserved. CM Punk believed he WAS THE BEST IN THE WORLD. It all came to a head when Punk dropped the most iconic promo of all recent memory.

The Match

To sum it up, nothing can be said that hasn’t already been said about this match. My opinion is that this match is probably the best WWE 5 star match since Bret vs Austin at Wrestlemania 13. It’s THAT good. More importantly, this entrance by Punk in his hometown doesn’t give you chills and an idea of what’s to come that night then I suggest you watch it again. My only criticism is that I prefer Punk’s 2nd theme “Cult of Personality” much more than this KSE song.

CM Punk fully cucked Vince McMahon.

CM Punk was the polar opposite of John Cena. Both men had magnetic personalities that polarized you. As a result, you either loved or hated them which is why the feud was so electric. You have a new maverick superstar in the form of CM Punk representing everything new, and he’s angry. John Cena representing tradition, himself, and just how corny he was being the McMahon’s puppet. It was a setup for the ages. If you don’t have WWE Network I suggest you find it somewhere on the internet. I could gush about this feud and how it got me back into wrestling after a long hiatus but instead I’m telling you to seek it out yourself. This one was dedicated to all my fellow wrestling holders. HOLD IT!

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