Jon Jones Has The Best Resume In MMA History

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Jon Jones

Jon Jones By The Numbers

At 26-1 Jon Jones has amassed the best resume in MMA history. Going back to becoming the youngest champ in UFC history Jones has never lost his belt to an opponent only vacating it himself. The only man to ever touch that LHW belt since 2011 is Daniel Cormier who Jones defeated twice (one was overturned to a No Contest). Jones also sits atop the most wins in a title bout at 14. Jones tied Demetrious Johnson at 11 title defenses, While Johnsons came in consecutive bouts, Jones had been stripped of his title due to being red-flagged for PEDs. Is this enough to call Jon Jones the GOAT?

Jones’ Resume

Pro None UFC Fights

  • Brad Bernard – TKO W
  • Carlos Eduardo – TKO W
  • Anthony Pina – TKO W
  • Ryan Verrett – TKO W
  • Parker Porter – TKO W
  • Moyses Gabin – TKO W

UFC Career

UFC LHW Champion

Jones Is Stripped Of The Title

Jones was stripped of the title in April 2015 after violating the UFC’s Athlete Code of Conduct policy. Jones was in a car accident after driving under the influence. He was also in possession of narcotics.

UFC Come Back

Jones vacates His LHW Championship in a move to heavyweight. At this time Jones has not competed in a heavyweight bout.

It’s hard to argue for another fighter resume to sit atop the goat list but let’s hear it. Tag me in your tweets or comment on any Combat Corner post.

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