Jon Jones Is Pound For Pound The Biggest Fraud In The UFC

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Absolutely no sympathy when I say Jon Jones is an absolute fraud of a human and if you truly are a UFC fan you already know this. Before we get into the tradition of Jon Jones getting arrested for going full Jon Bones Jones…

Jon Jones
Fraud City

Let’s remind everyone that this man hasn’t fought since February 8th, 2020. That night he faced a young Dominick Reyes and won via decision in a fight that could’ve went to Reyes if he were facing anyone else not named Jon Jones.

Since then he’s barked on social media about some heavyweight comeback. Literally, he “trained” for two years and packed on some weight just to go fight his ole lady.

Not every fighter, but yeah.

Typical Jon Jones shit and no, he doesn’t give a fuck about getting in the mix with this UFC talent today. He had his time, but it’s also time for people to realize that it’s been a LONG fucking time since this dude has dominated. The UFC has not stopped, even through the pandemic they were running fights and Jon Jones was nowhere to be found. Lemme run up a list for ya real quick to give ya an idea.

Light Heavyweight

  • Jan Blachowicz
    • Light Heavyweight Champion
    • Jon Jones ain’t said a word bout em.
    • He knows he’d risk KO, tragedy.
  • Jiri Prochazka
    • Jones has never said a word about.
    • Knows he’d risk KO, tragedy.
    • (the fight would be EPIC)
    • Jones don’t care.
  • Glover Teixeira
    • 41 years old.
    • PRIME Jon Jones candidate.
    • The type of fights Jones thrives on taking against older, notable names.


  • Francis Ngannou
    • We’ve speculated this fight for a near year and still haven’t seen Jon Jones take it serious enough to push it.
    • Knows he’d risk KO, tragedy.
    • The fight would be iconic.
    • Jones don’t care.
  • Derrick Lewis
    • Personally, I first hand know that Jones is scared of a Derrick Lewis type fighter at this point in his inactive career.
    • Knows he’d risk KO, tragedy.
    • Would be a nice heavyweight entry fight for Jones to get his blood flowing.
    • Jones don’t care.
  • Stipe Miocic
    • 39 years old.
    • PRIME Jon Jones candidate.
    • He’s already entertained it and it just so happened to be after Stipe got his head knocked off by Francis. He’ll take somebody’s old leftovers, but won’t eat nothing fresh out the oven.
    • Nobody wants this fight.

History Says

It says that Jon Jones beat a bunch of dudes who were on their way out or past their prime. He’s had some big victories, but they were so long ago and the talent today just seems so much better.

  • a win over Rampage in 2011.
  • he beat Machida in 2011.
  • a decision victory over Rashad Evans in 2012.
  • Vitor Belfort submitted to Jones in 2012.
  • Chael Sonnen loss via TKO in 2013.
  • Alexander Gustafsson rivalry (2 wins)
  • Glover Teixeira in 2014, decision win.
  • Daniel Cormier rivalry (2 wins, his biggest wins in my opinion, but he was on steroids)
  • Ovince Saint Preux? Congrats.
  • Anthony Smith, decision win in 2019.
  • Thiago Santos (split decision win)
  • Dominick Reyes, decision win.

His only loss is by DQ to ole Matt Hamill from season 3 of Ultimate Fighter with Bisping. Idk why, but that jokes me out. But, looking at that resume now in 2021 after Jones has been inactive fucking off…idk bro.

I’m just not that impressed considering there is talent like Jiri Prochazka, Jan Blachowicz and Aleksandar Rakic in the light heavyweight division right now waiting to knock somebody’s head off. In the division that he claimed to be headed towards, there is guys like Ngannou, Gane, Daukaus, and Aspinall waiting on his ass to show up. He don’t want that.

Jon Jones Fraud


Jon Jones will head to Vegas and get recognized (while still being inactive in the octagon) only to go get in an altercation with his GF just hours later on some Jon Jones shit.

Pound for pound the worst decision maker in UFC history.

This my friends is the real Jon Jones and guys like Daniel Cormier and Rashad Evans tried to tell us this a long time ago. Two guys who OBVIOUSLY possess self control and discipline in their lives.

Nobody is perfect, but nobody gives off I’m really not that good of a person vibes like Jon Jones. At this point, just cut the dude and let him go to Bellator where he can win a few before his next arrest. Don’t worry, Jones has already responded with a life changing statement, again…

Get right back on ya horse? Nah bro, if you throw at women you aren’t supposed to just get right back on the horse. This dude acting like there is a 24 hour rule on domestic violence. Fucking Jon Jones, fraud.

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