Jon Jones Scared? Enough To Block Mayo Over Derrick Lewis Tweets

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Derrick Lewis makes Jon Jones really scared.

Evidence showing Jon Jones being dead ass scared of Derrick Lewis has been placed on the plate for anyone who cares.

Jon Jones Scared

Like Boosie said in 2006,

“I think they scared, man I think they scared”

“lying on ya records, bitch ya got me heated”

“wanna be actors, better stay in the movies”

Jon Jones in the movies.

Jon Jones Scared?

It only took a little under a month for Jonny Bones to get completely fed up with mayo’s Derrick Lewis twitter tactics. Real simple technique here.

  • Follow Jon Jones
  • Turn on notifications
  • Stay aware of his yappin’
  • Use image of the black beast Derrick Lewis with a real ass quote that correlated to his lame tweets.
D-Lew started taking over his threads.

Anytime mayo had some spare time to kill and got a Jon Jones tweet notification? It was fucking game on.


I am personally convinced that Jones wants nothing to do with Derrick Lewis. He’s won four straight and has an entire different approach to combat since getting tapped by Daniel Cormier in his only title shot. Jon just wants to talk about Izzy Adesanya and that’s really tight, but not as tight as him getting in the octagon with a fella who is more than a coin flip to take his head off during that bout.

That loss would absolutely deflate a boujie Jon Jones career immediately. They’ve talked about this Izzy/Jon fight for a year and Bones needs to just fight at this point.

Jon Jones at 245lbs.

Jon knows a fight with Adesanya would be a battle of similar stand up skills, a smaller guy, and Jones having the advantage in grappling. It’s some wussie ass shit because Izzy already said he’s going back to middleweight to dominate. So, essentially Jon Jones is just chirping to chirp and HAS NOT ONCE acknowledged the name Derrick Lewis. Bitch, he scared…gotta be.

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