Jordan Love: New Orleans Saints Prospect Review

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The New Orleans Saints have a very complete roster. There are few positions that you could say are holes on this roster. The roster is also relatively young. The core is coming up on the end of their rookie deals. However, we all know that Drew is coming to the end of his playing days. Sean Payton and the Saints’ coaching staff have been doing their research on a potential heir to the throne in NOLA. That guy is Utah States’ Jordan Love.

Elite Arm

The first thing that stands out about this 6’4 225 pound QB is his arm strength. Jordan Love can straight up sling it. What is perhaps more impressive, is that some of his best throws come while he’s on the run. He has a really nice touch on the ball as well as he’s shown the ability to drop the ball into some tight spaces.

Things to Improve Upon

It is undeniable that Love has raw talent. There are not many guys who throw as far as he does so effortlessly. He has a beautiful throwing motion, but his footwork can be touched on a little bit. During his Sophomore season Love thew for 3,567 yards, 32 touchdowns, and only 6 picks. However, after losing some of his top play makers, in his Junior season Love saw a dip in touchdowns and an increase in turnovers. He dropped to 20 TDs on the season and 17 picks. About half of his interceptions were due to him trusting his arm too much and trying to fit a pass into a tight window.

Long Term Plan

Love is not a player who is going to start right away. Maybe not even after two seasons. He is very talented but very raw, but who better to learn from than Drew Brees and Sean Payton? Let’s not forget that Payton thinks very highly of Taysom Hill as well, so it seems like the perfect QB room for a prospect like Jordan Love. A few years ago Sean Payton was high on Patrick Mahomes. If Payton thinks that highly of Love, you better believe he is not going to let him get away this time. Especially since the expectation is growing that this is Drew Brees’ last run.

How To Get Him

Jordan Love really is the wild card in this draft. Some experts have him being drafted as high as 6th overall to the Chargers, while others have him falling into the Saints’ lap at 24. I do not expect Love to be available for the Saints at 24. Quarterbacks are so highly rated to begin with, and once draft night rolls around, teams can’t help themselves but to bite on a guy who could be a franchise changer. The first QB off the board is going to be Joe Burrow, likely followed by Tua Tagovailoa, and then Justin Herbert. It is more than likely that those three guys will be gone within 10 picks. If this is the case, the Saints would likely have to trade up. However, if for some reason Tua and Herbert end up falling, there is a real chance that Love could still be waiting when the Saints pick at 24. If this is the case, it could be very hard for Sean Payton and Mickey Loomis to resist taking a risk on a very talented raw prospect. Hold it.

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