Jordan Saints Drip That Sean Payton Can Provide For New Orleans

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Jordan Saints Jerseys

I’ll get to the Jordan Saints swagger in a moment. Yeah anyways, the news popped up about Saints Head Coach Sean Payton becoming the first coach to ever link up with Michael Jordan on a shoe deal. That is a total vibe right now, and Sean Payton’s drip is about to flood the market. Also, in other really dope news. Sean Payton and Michael Jordan wear the same shoe size, 13. With that being said, which one of you iconic celebs out there wear a 9 1/2? Lets walk this journey together.

Sean working this twitter shit man, it’s incredible.

Jordan Saints Drip

So, that was really swag of Mike to call upon Coach Payton as the representative for the Jordan legacy as it surges into another avenue. However, I’m not truly a common man Saints fan if I didn’t start to think about the bless you boys wearing that black and gold with the jumpman engraved in them champs. Don’t need to wonder what it would look like, don’t need to draw it, or do anything extra when telling you that this would be a football fashion statement of the ages. Hater check? Vikings present.

Hold this mayo, bud…
& this mayo, bud…

Sorry Fox Angeles, whatever the fuck that even means. Unfortunately, MJ wouldn’t brand his shoes with a 1,000,000 foot poll on Mike Zimmer’s feet. Take this as a reality check and start finding ways to make ya city stand out more in general. See ya later…

  • Jordan Saints Jerseys
  • “The Jordan Dome”

Those two things need to happen, no need to overload Coach Payton with star studded objectives. HOLD IT.

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