Josh Gordon Is One Incredibly Persistent Stoner

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Josh Gordon is back like he left something..

That ain’t a bird or a plane, its Josh Gordon back at the NFL doorstep looking to roll it up and put it ALL behind em. We can officially say the world is operating normal and routine after the news dropped today that Josh Gordon will be seeking a bag of reinstatement from the NFL.

Everybody got an Uncle Donald…

Also, coming out of the great city of Seattle. We have just gotten word that Josh Gordon is walking the walk behind his attempted 37th return to the NFL. Seen playing a little pigskin with the Sherm dawg and the crew.

Sherman prolly all in trying to make a play…nobody cares.

2013 Josh Gordon Hype Artist

Just when you didn’t think he would be done forever, he is back. All fantasy football freak faces can now discuss for three months if he is worth their 5th round pick in the live draft at CiCi’s pizza in August. I’m on board with it, especially considering they just let Aldon Smith back to play for the cowgirls. What a complete waste of time that will be. Maybe not for Aldon, but surely for the cowgirls who will inevitably go 8-8 again this season.

Things That Will Happen

Undoubtedly, I’m all in for this Gordon return. There are several things I can think of happening before JG plays a full NFL season ever again. Let’s take a look at what we have, shall we?

  • Ciara will get caught slipping with Future in a Georgia nightclub.
  • Charlie Whitehurst will start at QB for an NFL football team.
  • The roads in New Orleans will rank #1 in the country when it comes to presentation and comfort.
  • The lunchable with the capri sun included will drop under $1.50
  • Ozzy will start another reality show where you can’t understand a fucking word he is saying.
  • Jay Glazer will sign a deal to fight Matthew Berry at MSG in an octagon.
  • Another Boston Tea Party.
  • Seattle will make weed illegal.
  • An entire new series of two and a half men will debut.
  • Ray Rice, Kellen Winslow, & Greg Hardy will all return to the NFL and have pro bowl seasons.

Thanks for reading, hold it.

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