Just Dabbled With Popeye’s Meg The Stallion Hottie Combo, Results

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With absolutely no prior plans, I took my ass to Popeye’s on Thursday looking to snag that Hottie Combo.

That Tina Snow

For those who been living under some large ass cheeks, the ‘Hottie Combo’ is a limited time meal advocated by Meg The Stallion. All them bitches scary cause she call em Carol Baskins.

This is the latest trend in fast food. Big name celebs put their name on a usually unique combo presented by the chain. Mayo already went after one of the previous celeb meals.

Expecting HOT

Why wouldn’t ya expect this Hottie Sauce to be slapping ya in ya throat? It’s Meg The Fucking Stallion the sassiest woman in the game. But, that just wasn’t the case. It smelled like it was gonna kick, but essentially that sauce this is all centered around is just some bayou island sauce. A little itty bitty kick and then it’s gone. Tasty, not overpriced and worth it. Just not hot like you’d expect when ya sitting in the drive-thru looking at it.


Anytime ya can have a good experience at Popeye’s in New Orleans ya should be overly grateful. That’s exactly what I am today. Also, Popeye’s will forever be the whole ass daddy to their competition. When that crust is kicking and that facility is operating up to standards, the place is unbeatable. Listen to the crunch, embrace the crunch.

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