Kimbo Slice Trending In Memory Of Ya Computer Class Hobbies

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Ain’t shit going on and that’s why the good lord blessed us with Kimbo Slice trending on social media for a nostalgic reason.

Keyboarding Class Visuals

Other than he’s just the baddest mothafucka to ever step foot in a backyard. When ya hear em say “only the good die young” one can only apply that to losing a legend like Kimbo at 42 years old in 2016.

Nobody has done what Kevin Ferguson did in the early 2000’s. Jake Paul?

Jake Paul would be the next Afro Puff.

Who might I mention was the smartest of the Kimbo street fight competitors. Smartly just said he didn’t wanna fight after getting dropped to the ground at a boat launch against Kimbo.

Fucking guy was making dudes question their entire lives while sitting on one knee at the boat launch. BRUH, they NEVER made another Kimbo.

The Legend of Kimbo Slice

Yeah, I’d be willing to bet my life that dude would REFUSE to step in a backyard with Slice. He’d get his block knocked to the neighbors yard in a quick second.

Kenny, yes.

Haters will talk about his MMA career, but in 2021 we all should appreciate something we will most likely never see repeated. Just seems like something that will be forever left in the early 2000’s.

R.I.P. Kimbo Slice

Imagine being at a Kimbo Slice backyard fight as he walks through the back fence looking to take another soul. Why did dudes say yes to fighting?

Something we will never know.

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