Kobe Bryant’s Affect on Zion Williamson

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Kobe Bryant and Zion Williamson prepare to shoot free throws

As we all know, Kobe Bryant was one of the greatest, most influential NBA players to ever live. He has had an affect on every player. He was crucial in aiding development in not only the NBA, but also the WNBA. To quote NBA vet Richard Jefferson, “Everyone is connected to Kobe in some way.” That is no different for our young star, Zion Williamson.

What Kobe Meant to Zion

In a post game interview after the Pelicans’ game against the Boston Celtics, Zion was asked what Kobe meant to him. Zion proceeded to say that Kobe meant a lot to him growing up. Zion said that he had both the number 8 and 24 Kobe jerseys. He also said that he thinks Kobe is a top two player of all time.

Studying Kobe’s Game

To be that big of a fan of a player means that you likely modeled your game after that player. Zion Williamson confirmed this saying that he studied Kobe’s footwork growing up.

The Respect for Kobe

One word you always hear when you’re speaking about Kobe Bryant is respect. He was so well respected throughout the NBA by all players. No matter if they are a rookie or a veteran, everyone has respect for Kobe. This is no different for Zion. Williamson said that he respected the hell out of Kobe. Williamson said that he was on his way to the arena when he heard the news, and that it was difficult to even focus on that game being played that day. He said that he sends his prayers to the Bryant family.

Zion Williamson is just one of many who loved, respected, and molded their game after the legendary star. Bryant’s affect on the game and people in general will never be forgotten.

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