Let’s Recap This Lil’ Wayne Green Bay Cheesehead Obsession

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Lil Wayne Green Bay

Another appearance by Lil’ Wayne decked out in Green Bay gear occurred last night on Monday Night Football.

(Lil’ Wayne Green Bay Fan)

The ongoing debate on how we arrived to this point will never end and the frustration will remain as it just doesn’t necessarily make sense. Ya know, the thing about life is there is certain things you do not forget. Although Wayne has explained his Packer obsession before, he hasn’t elaborated on his past Saints support.


Sure, that’s fine.

No Problem

Not a single issue with what Lil Wayne said in 2015, but it’s still extremely weird. This wasn’t the first time where New Orleans residents scratched their head on this whole Packers and Wayne thing. I think Master P said it best in 2010 after Wayne went public siding w/ the Minnesota Vikings.

“The comment Lil Wayne made about New Orleans Saints losing to the Minnesota Vikings, made no sense to me as a New Orleans native. This is our hope as a city after surviving Hurricane Katrina. This team should bring us together as people. I understand he has the right to have his own opinion and comment or even root for another team if he wants to. It’s just disappointing to hear this coming from a brother who was born and raised in New Orleans, made money off his music representing the city of New Orleans, talking about it in his lyrics. I’m from Uptown New Orleans and I don’t care who the Saints play against, how good the opposing team is, no what the odds are against them. I would never go against my team, the New Orleans Saints, or root for an opposing team playing against them. We’ve been waiting to get to the Super Bowl for 40 years and if we do, we will celebrate in Second Line. I guess we won’t be hearing any Super Bowl songs from Lil Wayne unless the Vikings win. This is sad for the fans in the city of New Orleans because they really thought Lil Wayne was down.”Master P in 2010

But, Hold Up!

No technical problem with it, but it is the weirdest fucking flex coming from a guy who made his money off rapping about New Orleans and things like the Saints. I had just bought two JL Subs to put in my first vehicle and the first song I put on in 2008 was this song. He can’t deny what he said.

Doesn’t sound like a Packers fan to me. More like a Brett Favre fan that was also a Saints fan who was really excited for this new era at the time.

It has to cross his mind each time he is on camera with Packers gear that he is letting down all the people who love him the absolute most. Yes, the Saints mean that much to the city of New Orleans.

Another example of Wayne repping Saints.

It all changed after 2008. That’s all I can personally pin point with this switch up and it is for sure a switch up. Also, I still consider Wayne the greatest rapper to ever grace the earth, but it cannot be denied that his flow just didn’t quite have that grimy hunger to it after 2008-2009. That lean sippin, pill poppin, purple smokin Lil Wayne went hard af! But, it went bye bye along with his Saints verbiage.

So, Yeah…

He may have liked the Packers after his experience as a kid getting the same towels and cups we all had at the house. Everybody in New Orleans had some type of connection with the Super Bowl being here in the late 90’s.

Can’t tell ya how many people I know came home with the Packers shit from the convention center days leading up to the Super Bowl. Everybody wanted to and tried to go to that shit. But, this….

How does that petty little towel time in life override being born and raised in New Orleans? You were raised here and supported the Saints, we remember it. Idk man. Forever I’ll say, FUCK THAT.


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