List Of Louisiana Talent Actively On Them Beans

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Behold my list of Louisiana talent currently and obviously on them beans. Before we get started, I do want to mention there has already been some controversy to this list on twitter. I’ll be honest, I didn’t expect it. However, since we do have emotions pouring I would like to mention…

Disclaimer: this is my list of ten talents I’ve noticed currently going the fuck off which is a direct correlation of consuming red beans weekly.

Apparently my list of ten talents on them beans is equivalent to the constitution and my brain wasn’t ready for that today. So, I’m gonna just keep it moving and stand by my list for active Louisiana talents on them beans. What does that mean to you? Idk, but I know what it means to me.

Active list

What I’m Seeing

Harold Perkins Jr is clearly on a bucket of red beans. It’s almost like he has found some new sort of bean that has turned him into a Louisiana Avenger. That Arkansas quarterback is still pissing himself thinking of the visual of Harold Perkins running at him. That kid will never forget that game, but with Harold on the beans no QB is safe, ever.

Larry Nance Jr, what is it with the juniors? Idk, but Uncle Larry Nance isn’t missing Mondays. No, he isn’t the Pels biggest star, not even a star but he shines real bright amongst a team of stars and that can only mean one thing. He’s just on em, it’s obvious. His senses, awareness and impact is there every time he steps on the court. Jonas minutes are down because Larry Bean is undeniable.

Jose Alvarado has that same effect as Larry, but Jose been doing it. If anybody been on the beans the longest it is probably Jose Alvarado. He plays like he got introduced to red beans within the first ten minutes of him ever arriving to this city.

Right now he is the best 6th man point guard to come off the bench. I firmly believe that. Endless energy we can attribute to a strong plate of tradition for the last many Mondays. Alvarado is spicy, deserves his own seasoning at this point.

Dustin Poirier is on the veteran pot of tradition. It’s like when Arnold smoked weed in pumping iron, Dustin eating beans on some recovery shit for the next fight. He’s seasoned in how to approach and win any fight. That shows a strong commitment to honoring his traditions. A recent finish win over Michael Chandler and a thriving hot sauce company tells me Dustin is actively on the beans.

Brian Kelly ran into red beans and never looked back. He may have been eating some generic chain shit to start the season, but as of late you can tell that Brian is sitting down on Monday nights eating his red beans as a form of relaxation and regroup. Just going over ways to reach success while he sits on the couch with a tv dinner stand eating his tradition watching remember the Titans or some shit. Big win after big win can only mean that Brian Kelly is on the beans.

CJ McCollum may have not been on the beans till recent. I really think CJ has found himself in a superstar way for the Pelicans as of recent. The shot wasn’t there for a stretch, but now he heating up and playing a role so well as the Pels floor general. It takes a nice slow pot of tradition every Monday to form this type of patience and long term success. CJ is on them beans actively.

Justin Jefferson is getting red beans imported by the sack because there is no way this man is missing tradition the way he been playing on the football field. He has a red bean plug and could potentially be giving some to Kirk Cousins, but I’m not completely sure. Justin on em though.

Chris Olave is eating his red beans while watching his teammates eat chicken nuggets or some shit. He looking up at these guys thinking he’s doing something wrong, but staying true to what he knows is a good tradition. It shows on the field, the heart he has correlates to the passion he has for this tradition. Olave may be the only Saint on the beans.

Antonio Daniels & Joel Meyers don’t miss and that is why they just may be the best commentating duo in the NBA. These two commentate to the same energy that the Pelicans play on the court. You could close ya eyes and just listen to them commentate the game and be totally satisfied. I gotta be honest, this entire Pels organization may be on the beans with the exception of the twitter account. But, that isn’t the Pels that is just one salty regular person who doesn’t care about tradition. The Pels as a whole are pretty much on a plate.

Arch Manning is a kid I really don’t give a shit about as far as doing anything for our local teams, but the kid is clearly on his tradition. The number one recruit in the nation has to be eating red beans, but is still going to a loser program.

ROB 49 was the last one on my list because I have a hard time believing that ROB 49’s recent success isn’t somewhat correlated to him continuing to eat red beans on Mondays. Dropping track after track. (extra #11)

Skipped A Few Mondays, But Still On Them Hopefully

  • Tulane football
  • Jayden Daniels
  • Zion Williamson (injured)

Not On Beans

My list of not on beans really needs no explanation. Dennis Allen can’t find a hot plate with a search warrant, Andy Dalton is back on chipolte, Davenport is on blue runners and Zion is injured. Pels twitter account does not embrace red beans and Saints medical does not prescribe it. Cox eats dick and Parlay addicts don’t know the damage they do to people by sending their parlays constantly in messages/text. Most of Metairie eats red beans on Tuesdays probably.

Going Forward

I do vow to keep an eye on LSU Women’s basketball, but I can’t promise I’ll watch every single game. Angel Reese is the name I’m hearing and I’ll have to evaluate her play, but with only 4 games into the season I have not had the chance to do so. I am however happy that the on the beans list means so much in its debut today. This will always be an authentic list based off my views of local performance. Btw don’t be a loser like this dude trying to act like he sit courtside at every women’s basketball game.

I’m just being honest saying out of the four games they played I haven’t watched yet. Hate me for it, but don’t front like this troll. Folks will say anything for some likes.


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