Live PD: Citizen Of The Year Nominee

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We may have just had one of the best moments of the year on Live PD folks. This is one of those random feel good stories for the ages. In case you missed it, a blind golden retriever some how found it’s self trapped in a sewer drain, and this random citizen, sent down from heaven, climbed in to save her.

John Edwards doing all he can to save Maxine.
Steven Cantley and John Edwards

Along with the help of Richland County Sheriff’s Department, the poor dog was rescued and sent off to the vet.

No need to worry, the dog has a chip and the owner was contacted. Even better… the Sheriff’s Department picked up the vet bill. Hopefully she makes a full recovery and spends the rest of her days eating plenty treats and getting unlimited boops!

This is the kind of stuff you love to see. Feel good story on a Friday night. Nothing better!

Update 5/19/20

Unfortunately, Maxine (the dog) passed away Sunday night. It’s a terrible thing to hear, but the owner (Fran Prokop) is grateful for the last few days she was able to spend with her. The 17 year old dog was in bad shape prior to the incident as she was blind and suffering from kidney disease. Thanks to 10-year-old Corval Reynolds (initially found Maxine), Steven Cantley (a good Samaritan), John Edwards (neighbor), and the Richland County Sheriff’s Department for not letting Maxine go out in a sewer, and for allowing her to spend her last few days in comfort with her owner. These amazing citizens were presented with the Sheriff’s Award for Community Excellence (below). You can’t say enough about what these guys did in order to surround Maxine with love on her last days.

Even though Maxine is no longer with us, this story was able to bring some positive vibes on a random Friday night.

Hold it.


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