Mackenzie Dern Appreciation Blog After Her Latest Victory

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Mackenzie Dern Appreciation Blog

Grateful for the opportunity to advocate my favorite smoke show in all of UFC after the latest Mackenzie Dern victory. I’d pay this woman my sponsor money to put me in a triangle at this point.

Mackenzie Dern taps out Amanda Nunes ole lady in front of her. Whatta fucking dime piece move.

That armbar finish puts Mackenzie at 11-1 with her only loss coming four months after having a baby against Amanda Ribas. Either way, let’s just put the shrimp on the barbie real quick. We need to protect Dern at all costs because she is hands down the champion we all need. Who gives a fuck about the accent mystery

Ya next strawweight champion right there.

Who mad about it? A loser, that’s who.

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