Madden Cover Mania Presented By The Game Pantry

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Madden Cover Mania Art.

Couldn’t have picked a better time to get into this Madden Cover Mania that we all know needs to be settled. No need to waste time here, morale of the contest is 20 Madden covers fighting for supremacy. Leave ya feelings in the turf pal, and really put some heart into this tournament.

Madden Cover Participant’s

Poll is exclusively on our Facebook & Twitter pages. Links are at bottom.

(1)Madden NFL 2004Mike Vick
(2)Madden NFL 25 (2014)Barry Sanders (Adrian Peterson)
(3)Madden NFL 2003Marshall Faulk
(4)Madden NFL 2011Drew Brees
(5)Madden NFL 2005Ray Lewis
(6)Madden NFL 2016Odell Beckham Jr.
(7)Madden NFL 2018Tom Brady
(8)Madden NFL 2001Eddie George
(9)Madden NFL 2009Brett Favre
(10)Madden NFL 2013Calvin Johnson
(11)Madden NFL 2010Troy Polamalu & Larry Fitz
(12)Madden NFL 2006Donovan McNabb
(13)Madden NFL 2015Richard Sherman
(14)Madden NFL 2017Rob Gronkowski
(15)Madden NFL 2020Patrick Mahomes
(16)Madden NFL 2008Vince Young
(17)Madden NFL 2007Shaun Alexander
(18)Madden NFL 2002Daunte Culpepper
(19)Madden NFL 2019Antonio Brown
(20)Madden NFL 2012Peyton Hillis or some shit…
Yes, that dude Peyton Hillis is the 20 seed.

List Of Madden Cover Robberies

  • Marshawn Lynch (Ought to be a shamed of themselves)
  • Cam Newton (2015 MVP, gets snubbed for a Tight End appearance) The only tight end appearance ever.
  • Russell Wilson (Just keep banging Ciarra and balling out bro. They will respect you one day.)
  • Julio Jones (It is awful to have a dirt bird on here, but true)
  • Peyton Manning (The utter audacity, should’ve never did NFL Fever)
  • Terrell Owens (Another victim to getting on the wrong cover)

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The game that is on the minds of many come August, every August. Over the next several days we will go through the…

Posted by HTM Gaming on Friday, May 15, 2020
Vince said fuck em…

No, we ain't done on a Friday night by any means boys and girls. We got another Madden Cover match up to bust out the…

Posted by HTM Gaming on Friday, May 15, 2020
Peyton Hillis is back to shit on everyone’s parade.

We continue the first round late night with two crucial matchups that will complete the first round and take us into the…

Posted by HTM Gaming on Saturday, May 16, 2020
Like cleaning up the bed room for Mahomes.

The final matchup of round one will consist of two complete idiots, but two different idiot meanings behind each….

Posted by HTM Gaming on Saturday, May 16, 2020
One good idiot beats another wild one in fashion…

First Round Headlines

Peyton fucking Hillis notched another win in his life by beating Richard Sherman in the first round of Madden Mania. Vince Young barely remained relevant by beating Shaun Alexander in their first round matchup. Mahomes dominated against an ole worn out Daunte Culpepper. Nothing we didn’t expect, sorry for all the nostalgic warriors that reach as far as Minnesota in 2002. Lastly, Antonio brown took a big L to the big guy, Gronk.

Active Pantry Polls

Second Round

Second round begins NOW!Madden Cover ManiaFirst Round Winners:-2012-2008-2020-2017Two matchups today/tonight…

Posted by HTM Gaming on Monday, May 18, 2020

Second matchup for the evening will involve a dual of two ole, gritty, pig skin legends. Eddie George, the rumbling,…

Posted by HTM Gaming on Monday, May 18, 2020

Madden Mania Results

DateFirst Round MatchupResult
5/15/2020(13)Madden 2015 vs. (20)Madden 2012Madden 2012 wins.
5/15/2020(16)Madden 2008 vs. (17)Madden 2007Madden 2008 wins.
5/16/2020(15)Madden 2020 vs. (18)Madden 2002Madden 2020 wins.
5/16/2020(14)Madden 2017 vs. (19)Madden 2019Madden 2017 wins.
First round complete, Peyton Hillis is here?
DateSecond Round MatchupResult
5/18/2020(16)Madden 2008 vs. (1)Madden 200404 wins.
5/18/2020(8)Madden 2001 vs. (9)Madden 200909 wins.
5/19/2020(20)Madden 2012 vs. (4)Madden 201111 wins.
5/19/2020(5)Madden 2005 vs. (12)Madden 200605 wins.
5/20/2020(15)Madden 2020 vs. (2)Madden 25 (2014)14 wins.
5/20/2020(7)Madden 2018 vs. (10)Madden 201313 wins.
5/21/2020(14)Madden 2017 vs. (3)Madden 200303 wins.
5/21/2020(6)Madden 2016 vs. (11)Madden 201010 wins.
Second Round Active


DateElite Eight MatchupResult
5/25/2020(1)Madden 2004 vs. (9)Madden 200904 wins.
5/25/2020(4)Madden 2011 vs. (5)Madden 200511 wins.
5/27/2020(2)Madden 25 (2014) vs. (10)Madden 201314 wins.
5/27/2020(3)Madden 2003 vs. (11)Madden 201003 wins.
Elite Eight Active.

Final Four

DateFinal Four MatchupResult
5/28/2020(1)Madden 2004 vs. (4)Madden 201111 wins.
5/28/2020(2)Madden 25 (2014) vs. (3)Madden 200303 wins.
WOW, no Vick in championship? Ok…
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