Making The Case For A Hester/Flynn 2022 LSU Coaching Staff

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The two fellas ya wouldn’t have thought to throw in the 2022 LSU coaching sweepstakes have arrived. I hate to be in the same mindset as majority and that is exactly why I started thinking about an option that could be kinda reachy, but then again if ya think about it? There is an appeal.

Jacob Hester & Matt Flynn

It’s fucking in bro and the idea is better than most of those generic party city ideas that have been rumored as potential replacements.

  • Nobody gives a fuck or will relate to Dabo Sweeney and we lose that Sauce with such a cornball coming to town. Y’all some whole ass Jimmy Neutrons if y’all want Dabo to be the face of Baton Rouge.
  • Lane Kiffin chases just as much tail as Ed O, so with that now a days correlating to wins and losses….it doesn’t sound like a good idea.
    • The internet claims it correlates.
  • Mel Tucker or Mario Cristobal are the closest bets here. Either would be wise to hire both Hester & Flynn to lend a hand.

Matthew Flynn

Idk what Flynn is even doing, but he’s smart and we fucking love that guy. He’s also 1000% Hester’s best bud, they are fucking inseparable together. They watch film, movies, and tell each other weird jokes on the edge of not being funny anymore in present day. When Flynn walks in Hester smiles and vice/versa it’s truly beautiful. Flynn is actually hilarious.

Best Friends Forever
2022 LSU coaching candidates
Jacob Hester/Matt Flynn

Hester Specs

Hester’s qualifications are beyond measurable. It’s quite impressive if ya follow local sports and radio. This dude doesn’t fucking stop he’s like the Louisiana version of Dwayne Johnson.

  • Husband
  • Father
  • Former and legendary LSU ball player
  • NFL, yep on the resume (Chargers, Broncos)
  • Bank Spokesman
  • Youth athletics mentor
  • ESPN Baton Rouge Radio Host (OTB)
  • Host of ‘Pregaming The SEC’ podcast
  • Founder of Hester Sports Foundation
  • Heard him calling the LSU game this year
  • Has his own football camp
  • Knows a fuck ton of people
    • guarantee he’d recruit fantastic.
  • Work ethic, character, you name it…bar none. No gas station hollering with this fella.

He’s fucking Taysom before Taysom and he’s still Taysom after playing football. He’s qualified as fuck.

Flester 2022

I mean, shit…ya gonna sit here and tell me that Jacob Hester doesn’t know football well enough? Ya gotta start somewhere, how about as the leader of Louisiana State Football when it’s at rock bottom. Bring in Flynn as OC, maybe Glenn Dorsey coaches somewhere on defense and we roll the fuck outta that potion right there.

Inseparable, it matters.

In my honest opinion I don’t think that this is the program or state that can cherry pick their next championship coach. It don’t feel comfortable bringing big names like that down here and if it don’t work out they fucking toast when it comes to the fans. Folks ain’t gonna disrespect Hester and Flynn like they would if fucking Kiffin or Dabo started to look even slightly mediocre as the captain of the Tigers.

If It Happened,
If It Worked…

& we became some winners again?

Never forget, ever.

That would mean dream scenario as we’d be the premier program in the country when it comes to:

  • Swag
  • Youth
  • Recruiting
  • Image/Likability
  • Merchandise (Hester loves merch)
  • Primetime games
  • Vegas would love LSU
  • LSU football would be back in the best modern form that could ever be presented.

The extremely aggressive and impatient LSU fans will hate this blog. In fact, they probably already parted ways with it. But, whether it happens in 2022 or in 2032….this is a very real possibility. Smile tiger fans.

& may Coach O’s legacy only grow from here.


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