Mardi Gras 2020 Will Forever Be Life Changing For Mayo

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Mardi Gras 2020

Tons of time on my hands this week to talk about the greatest time of my life during Mardi Gras 2020. The entire background of how it went down is going in this blog. Nothing really too scripted. Just wrote a couple questions in my notes and asked em to myself all day long until the night that I pulled out the HTM microphone for the first time ever in history.

Mardi Gras 2020
  • Never interviewed anyone prior in public.
  • Had a buddy step in to hold camera last minute, he did a tremendous fucking job. Jessi, great work.
  • Prior to that night, I was roaming around Bourbon during the days previous just trying to get a feel for things.
this shit is funny as fuck. I still see this dude who is telling the story about running the block.

Again, first time ever interviewing folks. Had to find my sweet spot before the big night upcoming.

Every single person I got in front of was honestly a pleasure and a honor. Had a couple folks that didn’t give me anything worth while, but for the most part it’s exactly what ya expect during Mardi Gras on Bourbon. Which is why we are the fucking tits.

Greatest Footage Mayo Ever Made.
One month before Covid.

Just Didn’t Know

Saturday night rolled around and I made the horrible mistake of getting drunk and tootin’ a little cocaine during the interviewing extravaganza. I’ve literally gotten loaded maybe twice since doing this whole Hold The Mayo thing and it’s just hard for me to be creative when I’m fucking sauced. So, the feeling after filming each one of these characters wasn’t one that was screaming “WE GOT SOMETHING GOOD” to be honest.

I was just being hard on myself bout the moment and how I was loaded as a ham sandwich the entire time. That morning it took me literally four fucking hours to get back to Lakeview where my Mac was sitting waiting for me to pull up this film. By the time I got home I think I’d had a total of three hours of sleep in 48 hours. Super bad vibes on the film I had until pulling it up finally on my computer with the heaviest of fucking eyes. The first clip that really changed my mind on everything was when the fella got tapped in the head by the horse. When I saw that shit, I knew that my weird negativity towards the film had begun to drastically change. After that came the little blond haired chick who was on the percs and coke. One clip after another, and after another, I finally knew it was gold.

I’ll Be Back

Like I left something. Undoubtedly can’t wait for 2022 and it’s a damn shame this is where we sit in February of 2021.

My life changed forever that morning I published that footage from Bourbon Street on Saturday night before Mardi Gras. Left my job a few days later and began to believe even more that I could do something special in this great city. Non-generically, I’d like to tell ya don’t give up on shit that you really lose sleep over believing will happen. Cause every dog has their day and on this night, mayo was the dog. Yes LAWD!

Don’t forget that Big Chief Vapor has some incredible deals for Holders down in Da Parish that should not go overlooked. All ya gotta do is mention “Hold The Mayo” and ya get an exclusive menu suited for HTM.

Big Chief Vapor
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Chalmette, Louisiana

See ya tonight for HTM Undressed 191.


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