Mayo Spreads Ain’t Done In The Kitchen Yet, Week 16 NFL Wagers

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Mayo Spreads Week 16

Don’t leave the table just yet as mayo has one more pot cooking of Lord’s Day Week 16 NFL wagers. Yesterday ya can call me half ass, 50/50, so so, or he didn’t know. However, them props just remain relevant even when teams like the 49ers win against the Cardinals. Today mayo spreads will finish as strong as garlic for the great wager makers of New Orleans.

It’s The Lord’s Day

Week 16 NFL Spreads

  • Browns -6.5 over the Jets
  • Ravens -10 over Giants
  • Chargers -2.5 over Broncos
  • Panthers +1.5 against Washington
  • Cowboys +3 against Eagles
  • Seahawks -1 over Rams
Catch a vibe.

Parlay Puddin’

  • Browns (to win)
  • Ravens (to win)
  • Chargers -2.5
  • Texans (to win)
Yes, mayo did actually know Fitzmagic would go full magic.

Prop Tarts

First and foremost, the greatest prop in the country is back again in the form of T.Y. Hilton receptions.

  • T.Y. o/4.5 receptions
  • James Conner o/41.5 rushing yards
  • J.K. Dobbins o/64.5 rushing yards
  • Leveon Bell o/20.5 receiving yards
  • Tyreke Hill o/77.5 receiving yards
On The Lord’s Day,
We Drink Boucaner.

Do not let it slip ya brain. On The Lord’s Day we drink that Boucaner. Snag a bottle today for under $20 at majority locations around ya. Click the image for location list. Happy Lord’s Day.

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