Mayo Spreads Back On That Octagon Dollar For UFC 263

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UFC 263: Mayo Spreads & Predictions

Feels FANTASTIC to be back on the wager table for UFC 263 on Saturday night. Never been scared to bet on some bros throwing knuckles looking to knock each others block out the arena. This card right here is strong as garlic. Mayo Spreads has never been destroyed when it comes to combat and we won’t burn in flames this weekend.

Who want smoke?
Nate smoking it.

UFC 263 Mayo Spreads

Israel Adesanya is fighting Marvin Vettori in the main spot for the Middleweight title in a rematch from years ago that Izzy won via decision. That was a three round fight, this will go a full five.

Now, there could be some caution here for the Izzy -286 pick. Vettori is a grinder and there is nothing really flashy about what he does in the octagon. His best bet would be to use his power on the ground and try and pound Izzy unconscious. If not, I think the -286 is safe on Adesanya. I’m staying away from both and taking under.

Mayo Serving: under 4.5 rounds

Throwing Hands

This co-main is another rematch. But, I’d bet every dollar in my pocket that this is the fight of the night over Izzy/Marvin.

Moreno/Figueiredo ended in a fucking draw last time. Up until that point, NOBODY wanted to fuck with Deiveson. They were literally dropping like starved birds. Moreno came in there and wanted all the smoke. Countered everything that came his way, even when it came heavy. The fight itself on Saturday is hard to pick, but again go with the under because it ain’t going to decision this time.

Mayo selection: under 4.5 rounds

I’m Not Surprised BITCH!

Nasty Nate Diaz is back for fucking war. Only thing holding back Nate is his own flesh that cuts open seconds after the fight starts.

Other than that, Nate ready for a five round fight like you ready for a towel after the shower. With that being said, Leon Edwards looked good in his last fight till it was stopped due to Belal Muhammad suffering an eye injury. He would’ve knocked Belal out most likely at the pace he was going.

Nate and Belal are about the same speed, but Diaz can hurt ya on the ground. I just think Leon is pissed and ready to get a title shot.

Mayo selection: under 4.5 rounds, Edwards KO/TKO

More Mayo Spreads

Gimme these as well on the table:

  • Demian Maia +200
  • Jamahal Hill by KO/TKO
  • Riddell/Dober under

I’ll have to check back in later for any other shit I decide to lay out on the table. Y’all stop over at Big Chief Vapor this weekend and get money off any trinket or product they got in the house. Just mention mayo,

Big Chief Vapor
135 West Genie Street


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