Mayo Spreads: Gimme The Knuckle Sandwich Please? UFC 257

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Mayo Spreads UFC

With pigskin already on the plate for the Lord’s Day it’s only right for me to double it up with some UFC 257 spreads.

If ya feeling froggy go ahead and leap over to pigskin spreads after ya feast on this wide variety of knuckle sandwiches.

Sorry Clemons, I know this is ya territory and I just want ya to know I’m walking all in it like a drunk uncle looking for a cigarette. Balls deep in this mixed martial arts shit.

May have some more, let’s see.

No reason I should get so risky tonight taking the most underrated human in Louisiana to beat McGregor, but that is exactly what we have here folks.

Roundtree is going to destroy this fella Prachnio. So take whatever prop ya can on him sending that man to hell. I’m just about convinced that Brad Tavares will not come out victorious against Antonio Carlos Junior. YES, this is a case of stereotyping based off a name and the success of those names in UFC history. Just like I’ve taken Rafael Dos Anjos almost every single time he’s fought, I’m taking Carlos Junior as my stereotypical pick and UPSET of the night for UFC 257. Book it up.

If ya missed Free Mouth Friday, don’t anymore.

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