Mayo Spreads: Jake Paul/Ben Askren, UFC Fight Night On The Plate

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Jake Paul/Ben Askren

The only thing I’ll have my eyes on tonight will be Jake Paul/Ben Askren and UFC Fight Night: Whittaker vs. Gastelum. Other than that, couldn’t even tell ya what the fuck is actually going on around me besides a ton of pissing from the sky. Which is exactly what mayo did last week on UFC picks. Just pissed from the sky hoping I’d come out victorious.

That exact pissing had me fucked for my struggles.

Jake Paul/Ben Askren

It won’t happen again for a very long time.

Even Biebs is present tonight for Paul/Askren

Jake Paul/Ben Askren

not putting dollars on dad.

Keep this real short and subtle. Ben Askren has not won my money selection, but A for effort regardless. I’ll gladly lose $100 over Ben Askren becoming a true American hero by knocking out Jake Paul. But, won’t be investing in that outcome. The picks here are simple:

  • Jake Paul -160 money line
  • Also, u/5.5 rounds -125

Also, it doesn’t end there.

The Hands of New Orleans
Regis Prograis

Regis Prograis is sending someone to hell tonight and he’s gonna do it in under 5.5 rounds. Go ahead and book that up for New Orleans.

  • Regis Prograis/Ivan Redkach u/5.5 rounds
  • Prograis wins by KO/TKO

Frank Mir is going to get his ass whooped.

  • So, u/3.5 rounds is the pick.

UFC Fight Night
Whittaker vs. Gastelum

Without any doubt in my mind I’m taking Robert Whittaker in this one. He’s just the better, more versatile, and persistent fighter. Saying this as a huge Kelvin Gastelum fan too. Fucking love Kelvin, but I’m not losing money on Kelvin again. Last time I wagered on Gastelum he got put in a fucking foot lock and I loss like $100 too many.

Take Whittaker and just leave it at that. The odds aren’t great, but I’m telling you bet ya whole wallet on it. If ya wanna do a prop, go with Whittaker winning by decision.

(100 can win ya 40) on Whittaker.

Don’t even hesitate.

More Fights On Card

Lightweight Bout
(10) Stephens vs. Klose

This one got some heat on it. Really weird heat too, cause Jeremy Stephens is past his prime in my opinion and he’s showed a ton of aggression at weigh in’s today. Dude seemed to be very upset that Drakkar was so Klose to his face in a face-off. LOL Gimme Drakkar to win straight up.
Stephens vs. Klose

+100 very nice odds for what I think is a certain Klose win.

Unfortunately, my Twitter has stopped working and has been inconsistent all morning so I won’t be able to graphically show ya these next picks. Thank the genius fucking nerds out in Silicon Valley who continue to drop the fucking ball on mayo twitter. Thanks you fucking assholes.

  • Arlovski/Sherman u/2.5 rounds
  • Pena/Munoz
    • Pena to win and by submission.

That’s all fellas.

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