Mayo Spreads: Lord’s Day Layup For The Folks

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Lord's Day Mayo Spreads

Keep it moving with some Lord’s Day Mayo Spreads crafted outta the organic wagering factory known as SpreadQuarters. After going 4/5 last night with knuckle sandwiches, it’s time to look towards the bouncing ball on the court today. Before we dive into gambling, never gamble on being friends with a not so loyal friend. Wiz can tell ya all about it.

Durant leaves Wiz outside the club story.

Thank gawd for podcasts.

All ima say on that.

Lord’s Day Mayo

Let’s look at where the common folk can earn a couple dollars while laid up maybe getting his balls sucked on the Lord’s Day. Who knows?

I regretfully am interested in the pels today.

Boston vs. New Orleans

The birds are dawgs at +2.5 today.

Every bird and dawg has their day.

  • Marcus Smart OUT.
  • Steven Adams day-to-day.
  • Only time Pels play Celtics this year.

Gimme the PELS +2.5

Detroit vs. Orlando

I like this one right here. Vucevic is a savage. I’ve had success playing around with wagers and Orlando this year. Bout the only success I’ve had really with basketball as I’ve just been inconsistent with even messing with it. Today, it feels like magic. Gimme the Magic -2.5

Denver vs. Atlanta

Gimme those Nuggies and my dead ass favorite big man outside of New Orleans. Jokic is showing the entire world his ass this year. 27 points, 11 rebounds, and around 9 assist is what ya can expect from this mutant. Gimme the Nuggets -2.5

Take the Jokic over on rebounds.

Look at all Jokic props.

Brooklyn vs. Los Angeles

Clippers favored by 6.5 and ya need to take that. Kevin Durant is in the club no doubt, but out the game today. Look for Kawhi to pack a full fucking lunch for these nets. Gimme the Clippers -6.5

GRAB A GENERATOR and don’t sit on ya cold ass like Durant will be on the bench tonight. They just released the names for the 2021 hurricanes and I gotta be honest with ya, they all sound like ruthless bitches. So, gear up with Craig’s Electrical and tell em Hold The Mayo sent ya to get a free warranty on top of ya installed purchase. No joke. Hurricanes don’t laugh, bro.

Craig’s Electrical


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