Mayo Spreads: Lou Holtz Can’t Save These Irish Today

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Mayo Spreads: Lou Holtz Can't Save These Irish

Back like we left something is Mayo Spreads chiming in on the day that the Irish showcase fugazi to the maximum. A day that I’m sure most folks at this point have to dread in South Bend. It comes as an immediate 2021 slap to the dick and wakes one up like a scoop or eight of pre-workout. Who feeds this fucking guy? Not the dog, J-Cargo down here.

This fella can’t save the Irish.

Nobody can save the tragedy that will happen for Notre Dame today. Not even Lou Holtz, that big fuck above, or a new year. Saban woke up this morning.


Other than that sure disaster, Georgia and Auburn look to stand up as grown pigskin men against two schools that got no business showing their ass.

Lol, idk man but here I am standing w/ Bo Nix again.

Ohio State? I like them more today in 2021 than I did any day in 2020. Time to go with the first instinct like my stepmother would always tell me as a kid. Check out these instincts below. Spread em.

Mayo Spreads Irish Ass-Whoopin’s

Fuck That,
I Want NFL Mayo

Ok, well open up ya fucking eyes buddy. That was released yesterday via mayo fingers before the clock struck 2021 right in the ass. The entire table is set and ready to go. (click here) Big balls wagers.

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HTM Undressed is back tonight after a week vacation to obtain sanity and more creative presentation with our significant shows like tonight. Free Mouth Friday is live from SpreadQuarters at 10:00 and it really is shit ya don’t wanna miss out on. As usual there is mayo galore on the line.


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