Mayo Spreads NFL Divisional Table Servings

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Mayo Spreads NFL Divisional Table Servings

Walking through this wager door like Stone Cold Steve Austin this weekend for NFL Divisional spreads presented by mayo spreads and Hold The Mayo.

Cleaned the entire table last week going 5/5 on spreads and 1/1 on a little parlay puddin’ to top it all off. Stuffing fucking face.

Last week on mayo spreads.

I’m picking up mayo debt relief tomorrow evening to keep the lights on and I owe it all to my wager intelligence.


Before wager release…

Big Cat has indeed confirmed the rib tat once the New Orleans Saints win the Super Bowl in a few short weeks. Fantastic.

Book it, tat it, flesh it.

Not looking forward, but looking forward for this fantastic commitment on behalf of the barstool sports leader in Big Cat. He could have bologna sandwiched out, but instead confirmed like a respectable northern gentleman. We do appreciate that.

Can ya feel it?

Mayo Spreads
NFL Divisional

Shall we grub?


as usual, if ya want somewhat safe money or a safe risk, make sure ya purchase a point here and there in the playoffs. Don’t be a fucking idiot.

Parlay Puddin’

I’ve never done this, however ima go ahead and take all those spreads and shove em up desserts ass after dinner. Group em and grub.

  • Packers -7
  • Saints -3
  • Ravens +2.5
  • Browns +10.5

Player Prop Tarts

(will have in this blog by Saturday morning)

Spread The Luck & Winnings

Best of luck to you assholes. Don’t forget to show some fucking sympathy and donate a minute percentage of ya mayo spreads winnings to the mayo merch shop on some premium mayo gear.

  • Comfort Colors Pocket Tee’s
  • Next Level Premium Tee’s

Don’t fucking sleep. (click here)

Also, if ya vehicle needs a tune up? Maybe it sounds like a fucking dehydrated rhino right now. Head over to Midas on Canal street and ask for Vince DiVincent.

click the yellow midas to schedule appointment.

That’s the mayo mechanic and he’s gonna take care of ya.

HTM Undressed is live tonight and was live last night for a hell of a fucking show, for a Tuesday at least.

Ya can find mayo on facebook at 10:00 via Hold The Mayo.


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