Mayo Spreads: NFL Risk Ship Or Just Sink Like Piss

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Mayo Spreads: Under Shit Tons Of Pressure

I’ll be taking a very calculated NFL risk this Lord’s Day as I’ve lost my entire set of balls off the last 24 hours. No need to explain, but the blatantly simple answer is that nothing sticks.

Lemme start by saying Bo Nix is a bitch.

& so is this dead korean zombie mf’er.

Yeah, he went dead mode. Got his fucking ass kicked and ruined everyones pockets over a scary sounding name. Korean Zombie.


NFL Risk Boat

It’s 1:40 AM,

Tons of desire has went into the spreads.

Picture like a fucking turkey just getting based all night long for the next day’s gathering. It’s like that.

Menu OptionsFavorite On PlateSpread Selection
CIN vs. INDIND -7.5CIN +7.5
ATL vs. MINMIN -4.0o/53 (pass on spread)
WASH vs. NYGNYG -2.5Yes, NYG -2.5
CHI vs. CARCAR -1.0CHI +1
DET vs. JAXDET -3.0STAFFY & DET -3.0
Week 6 NFL Mayo Spreads
NFL Risk Boat
  • Joe Burrow has an easier task ahead of him with Colts LB Darius Leonard being doubtful to play today.
  • Fuck betting on a Falcon & Fuck betting on a Kirk Cousins. Just take the over and get over this game.
  • The Giants never looked so damn good on a chart till they were opposite the versus side of the Washington Football Club.
  • I’m continuing to bet against Carolina till they just give me my way and lose. Also decided not to wager w/ Da Bears last week and that makes me sad. Back on that Bear Wagon.
  • Matt Fucking Stafford will light these boys up.
  • Can’t take the LA out of the.. I don’t fucking know.

Part Ways…

Before we do part ways and set sail into whatever happens, I’d like to leave ya with a nice touch.

The Midas Touch!

Tires, Tires, and some more Tires for ya.

If ya need call Midas on Canal Street.


Ask for Vince, and he’s got the rubber.


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