Mayo Spreads NFL Triple Play A Day Before The Lord’s Day

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Mayo Spreads NFL Triple Play

Pigskin all in ya face on Saturday morning and so are these NFL mayo spreads. On the Lord’s birthday mayo went undefeated on pigskin picks. Had one Christmas wish of a reach with Taysom scoring first for Saints that didn’t pay off, but for once I’m gonna say that isn’t gonna go on paper.

Plus, when ya got millionaire idiots like this asshole running around on ceramic floors? Obviously it is okay to reach.

Some wishful ass Christmas thinking. Regardless, mayo spreads on the table are more than tardy gifts at this point.

I Love AB Today

Honestly, I love AB in general. The start of 2021 will be the official start me forgetting about what AB pulled for two years. Fella is just too fun to watch when he cutting up on the field. Also, maybe we overlooking…

Take these AB props today.

  • o/5.5 receptions
  • o/63.5 receiving yards

I could give a rat’s ass about Mike Evans.

But, take this Mike Evans prop.

  • o/4.5 receptions

Matthew Stafford? Decent guy.

  • o/23.5 completions

Lions? Weird squad, weird enough to cover.

  • Lions +12 (buy one)

I wanna focus on that little table above. Mayo feels best about that menu, but I’d never leave folks hanging without the entire kitchen getting showcased. Staying away from Brady props today for personal reasons.

Prop Tarts

Three Amigos

Waiting for more props to pop up on my little wager site, but I can assure ya everything listed above has been locked in by Hold The Mayo. Book that up.

In stock now, maybe a few left.

Book an appointment with Midas on Canal street and take care of ya damn vehicle. Stop trying to push it till the last second before the son of a bitch blows up. Oil change, maintenance, tires, you name it. Trust the Midas touch.



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