Mayo Spreads NFL Week 1 Picks, Predictions, Upsets

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Mayo Spreads NFL Week One

Take a seat at the table and enjoy these NFL Week 1 picks from SpreadQuarters. Another year of the longest running blog in HTM history, Mayo Spreads. Couldn’t be more exhilarated to be back breathing for another season of pro pigskin.

The Lord’s Day
Season Three

Seriously, not every day is a given. I’ve always had this weird thought of what if I don’t make it to next Saints season? It’s fucking odd and slight, then it goes away. Nevertheless, we are fucking back dancing in fall. It’s like looking at a full pantry.


I’ve seen harder spreads.

Full Transparency

We competing this weekend. On The Lord’s Day and all we need is the who dat nation to pull through and whoop the ever living piss outta Aaron Rodgers. I wanna see that kid sweat his soul out, running for his little cheesehead life. However, I won’t be involving money and my home team getting a W during this first week of pro pigskin.

Couple Crumbs

  • I LOVE two teams this weekend.
    • Giants +3
    • Colts +2.5
    • both at home.
  • The Parlay Pudding is more certain than anything I’m presenting for this upcoming Lord’s Day. Jags playing a helpless Houston team led by (can’t believe I’m saying it) Tyrod fucking Taylor. Las Vegas is playing at home against Baltimore without Dobbins. Josh Jacobs could have a big fucking night on Monday. More on Giants, Colts here soon.

If it don’t hit, I throw a fit.

Will be discouraged af.

As stated, them Colts at home against Seattle just strikes me as a game that will be close. The new era in Indy with Carson Wentz and a defense that is very stingy at home. Won’t catch me sleeping on the Colts this year. Did it in the past and it sucks balls.

I love the idea of Jonathan Taylor and company running all up and down the throats of Seattle. I think Russell may have a slow start to the season and the Colts not only cover, but win.

The Giants

Saquon is not human, remember that.

The only semi like-able team in New York plays the blandest club in the league, Denver. Come on bruh, what kind of respect we putting on the 2021 Denver Broncos? Just because Bradley Chubb is back rushing the passer they gonna get a -3 point favorite as a road team? Nah, Saquon is back following a critical knee surgery looking for straight blood.

  • Taking all overs.

Loving the idea of a shootout between Rodgers and Winston. No doubt in my mind I’ll be taking the Rodgers throws an interception prop. More props coming this weekend.

Twitter Baw!

As always, follow the kid on Twitter @ SnowLikeJonn and witness season three of The Lord’s Day this Sunday.

Live tweets, videos, and HTM Undressed will be conducted that night after the game. We back like the bills ya pay!

Head to Midas on Canal Street!


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