Mayo Spreads: Run That Back Like Devin Hester

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Mayo Spreads: Run That Back Like Devin Hester

Who ran it back like Devin Hester in the history of college and pro football? Nobody, which is exactly why I’m riding that vintage momentum wagon into College Football and this illustrious seventh week. Got a full happy ass whoopin’ last week on Mayo Spreads. Shit fucking happens and both you and myself need to get over it.

Mayo Spreads
“Run It Back Like Devin Hester”

New week for prevailing.

Here goes Mayo Spreads!

Tell ya honey everything will work out and that she shouldn’t have done all that Christmas in July shopping on QVC.

Run It Back Like Devin

This a full blown Devin thing so one may not understand. Literally don’t plan on fucking losing. Let’s eat.

Disclosure: Currently listening to RNB by Young Dolph.

Ouuuu, Meg Thee Stall

This could factor into my trigger finger on the picks. But, at the same time believe.

Menu OptionsFavorite On PlateSpread Selection
(14)BYU vs. HOUBYU -3.5HOU +3.5
PITT vs. (13)MIAMIA -13PITT +12.5
(15)AUB vs. SCAUB -2.5AUB -2.5
MISS vs. ARKMISS -1.5MISS -1.5
BC vs. (23)VTVT -13.0BC +13
(3)UGA vs. (2)ALAALA -5.0ALA -5.0
Mayo Spreads Week 7
  • BYU has several lineman out.
  • PITT is good enough to cover against an exposed U.
  • AUB isn’t losing this week.
  • Duke CANNOT win twice in a row.
  • LANE is so fucking here right now.
  • BC till they stop covering.
  • Cover for Saban.

Upset: Houston beats (14)BYU tonight.

Southern Pecan Pie Parlay

  • Alabama (to win)
  • Ole Miss (to win)
  • Tennessee (to win)

Northern Parlay Parfait

  • Notre Dame -16.5
  • Virginia -2.5
  • Pittsburgh +12.5

Let’s get our souls back.


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