Mayo Spreads: The Last Serving Of Love In February

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Mayo Spreads The Last Serving

Let’s depart February showing it the most mayo love as possible with these see ya later spreads on The Lord’s Day. If ya been living under an ocean, Mayo Spreads has went 8/9 in UFC servings the last two weekends after showing my whole ass last night going 4/4 in triumph.

(click here for that)

even winning on my broke ass pod twitter.

Went full flawless victory on them boys.

Mayo on the left.
UFC picks on the right.

Day five of being banned from Twitter.

Mayo Twitter Suspension

Things are starting to look up and I care less and less about those corporate fucks taking my condiment twitter each day.

Time to hop on board or turn on lifetime.

Back To Spreads

With all that smoke blowed and out the way. I’d like to let everyone know that NBA has literally exposed me as a 50/50 wager maker in the craft. Now, doesn’t mean there isn’t time to turn this shit around. First thing that needs to happen and actually never happen.

  • Mayo must not bet on Pels.
  • Can’t wager on Lakers.
  • No bets on the Nets.
  • NEVER place on Knicks.

No problem taking those fellas individual props and maybe an occasional over/under, but my days of betting on those teams are absolutely suspended indefinitely until further notice. It just doesn’t work out.

Lord’s Day Mayo Spreads
will add more

Wanna really get risky? Take my EPL picks today as I threw them up there on a complete fucking limb. However, I feel good about Chelsea as they’ve been a hot little club as of late. Liverpool and Totty should be easy money. Well, yeah.

“Ya Ima Blog”

Lastly, Craig loves putting himself in a pickle by talking about what blogs he has coming out each weekend or whatever. It’s the wackest thing he does if I’m being honest. But, since I know he won’t be publishing any blogs I figured I’d show the readers what he’s been doing in the kitchen.

In The Kitchen w/ Craig

It’s the Lord’s Day and that means ya AC should be blowing in purified form right now. If it isn’t? Ya aren’t preparing ya self for what is to come. Well, ya basically thinking in the very present. Forgetting that it gets record hot in the state of Louisiana during the summer and that HURRICANES be tapping that ass shortly after.

Make sure ya good to go with all AC/Heater repairs by calling Expert Air immediately. Let em know ya holding mayo and ya need a tune up, repair, or replacement.

HTM Undressed is live tonight.

Exclusively on HTM FB. (click here)


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