Mayo Spreads: The Last Supper, NFL Week 17

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NFL Week 17 Spreads

Sliding in these NFL Week 17 spreads right before the clock strikes a new year right in the ass. Last time mayo was on the table the Browns loss to the Jets and kept us from a perfect spread table. (5/6)

New year, same me.

2020, nvm.

They won’t be the reason this week as what you may feel is correct. Like the nostalgic legend Kurt Angle once said…

Baker Mayfield plays Kurt Angle on January 3rd.

Just like Kurt, nobody really likes Baker. However, they’ve seen him do great things and know he can prevail deep down within their Baker hating hearts. Myles Garrett will be bringing his best helmet to town for the highly anticipated rematch against Mason Rudolph. Easily top headline this week.

looking back…

With all that being said, it won’t be just those Browns I rely on to take me to the bookie on The Lord’s Day. In fact, the eggs won’t go all in that what could be tragic basket. Never go full Browns.

NFL Week 17 Spreads

TeamsSpread FavoriteMayo Selection
PIT @ CLECLE -9take CLE -9
NYJ @ NENE -3take NE -3
ARI @ LARARI -3take ARI -3
DAL @ NYGDAL -1.5take DAL -1.5
GB @ CHIGB -5.5take GB -5.5
I wanted to take the Giants, but nah…cowgirls.
Week 17 Spreads

Parlay Puddin’

  • Bucs (to win)
  • Cowgirls (to win)
  • Packers (to win)

Upset Down Cake

The Texans look to fulfill my upset pick this week. No better fella to put my bucks on against Ryan Tannehill in J.J. Watt. I’m taking them boys straight up and no regrets either way. Deshaun playing pigskin.

  • Texans over Titans

Prop Tarts

As always, if ya vehicle needs service swing it over to Midas on Canal street and ask for Vince, the mayo mechanic. He gonna take care of ya.


Happy New Start,


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