Mayo Spreads: The Lines Continue To Get Railed

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Mayo Spreads is going full Mike Cera this week.

Not telling a single mayo spread lie when I tell ya I feel like Michael fucking Cera. Total line abuse has been the common theme for the common man with these mayo spreads. Not gonna calm down with the spreads.

Don’t step on my heart.
Respect these lines.
8/11 last Saturday.

What is the problem?

Not these lines, brah.

Last week was all about the Myles Brennan revenge. He got it.

This week it’s all about pretender shit shows and opportunities. Yep…

On The Table

Tons of intriguing matchups on the plate this week. Plenty pretenders looking to stay relevant, somehow and someway.

In the biggest battle of fugazies ever,

Cera would say these dudes are amateurs.
Not a mayo spread selection.

That is a game I wouldn’t touch with a 28 foot catapult machine. Just a fucking full blown mess. Spare us all…

I can only go full Cera on the following:

Menu OptionsFavorite On PlateSpread Selection
(4)FLA vs. (21)A&MFLA -6.5Take FLA -6.5
(14)TENN vs. (3)UGAUGA -12.5Take Over 42.5
DUKE vs. SYRDUKE -1Take SYR +1
& SYR -110 ML
(7)MIA vs. (1)CLEMCLEM -14.0Take MIA +14
Over 62.5
TTECH vs. (24)ISUISU -12.5Take Tech +12.5
ARK vs. (13)AUBAUB -12.5Take AUB -12.5
MIZZ vs. (17)LSULSU -14.5Take LSU -14.5
Mayo Spreads Week 6

Upset Pick: Mississippi State over Kentucky

Parlay Pudding:

  1. FLA -6.5
  2. LSU -14.5
  3. UGA -12.5

Mayo Spread Explanations

  • Florida gets my wager weekly until proven otherwise.
  • Tennessee will get whooped, but nice eight game run. Georgia beat the absolute piss outta them last year and looked good last week.
  • Duke loss 49-6 to Syracuse last year. They also are so fucking trash that you can lock in the wager for anyone playing them weekly.
  • Miami is finally fucking primed for this moment.
  • Tech won’t lose by more than 10.
  • Love Feleipe Franks, but the cover streak ends.
  • LSU and the Golden Child Myles Brennan do it again to a piss pour MIZZOU team.


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