Mayo Spreads: UFC 260 And The Losing Can Miss Me

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Mayo Spreads: UFC 260

UFC 260 can’t come soon enough for mayo as I completely reached and pissed the bed last Saturday night. Straight up went 1/4 last week. One of my five selections was pulled at the last second. Overall, I don’t even remember what that struggle feels like anymore. This Stipe vs. Francis matchup has been on my radar for a long time now.

UFC 260
Saturday Night

Let’s make some bread.

Pardon Me

Jon Jones taps on twitter.

Before getting started let us not forget that it only took three weeks for Jon Jones to block me on twitter for exposing his nervousness about Derrick Lewis. The entire proof in the pudding can be found here.

UFC 260

Let’s go five selections again and pray for everything to follow through without random bout pulls. The only downfall of UFC.

FightFavorite/UnderdogMayo PickWay of Victory
Robertson/MaverickMaverick -160Mav -160DECISION
O’Malley/AlmeidaO’Malley -300O’Malley -300KO/TKO
Bukauskas/OleksiejczukOleksiejczuk -145Ole -145KO/TKO
Woodley/LuqueLuque -235U/2.5 +143KO/TKO/SUB
Ngannou/MiocicNgannou -120Ngannou -120KO/TKO
Heavy Hands on UFC 260

I’ll Tell Ya Why

  • Miranda Maverick split a bitch nose open real quick last fight. This girl got hands and I’ve never personally been impressed with Gillian.
  • O’Malley is looking to bounce back in brutal fashion after having a freak injury happen against Marlon Vera last time out. His only loss of his career after smackin’ jaws for years prior. Almeida is nice, but he ain’t sweet like suga.
  • The battle of England versus Poland in the Bukauskas/Oleksiejczuk bout. I’ve hated every second typing those two fellas names. This bout better have a knockout happen in reward for my struggles. Gimme Poland and Oleksiejczuk to win by KO/TKO.
  • Tyron Woodley takes another hack at it. Unfortunately, he’ll be hacking at straight solid wood in Vicente Luque. Idk man, I regret to inform y’all this could be the last one. I wanted to take Woodley, but this is wagering and Vicente is really fucking good. Actually, gimme the under and let’s hope Tyron decides to throw a punch. If not, I’m confident Vicente will throw enough to end em.
  • Ya can Stipe is the greatest me till the cows come home. I’m not buying it this Saturday night against Francis Ngannou.

Hope folks are able to fathom Stipe unconscious.

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