Mayo Spreads: Week 10 In College Pigskin Determines A True Man

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I’ve heard a ton about week 10 in college football all week long as if this is some sort of cookie cutting wussie walk. It’s far from that. Can’t just look at a browser and tell ya self it’s gonna be a good weekend for spreads. It takes a true fucking man to do the following…


Lemme get my own news, fuck off.

*Avoid this dramatic fuckery and focus on spreads and things ya control that are profitable.

  • understand betting is fucked and check ya humble dumble dance at the door each week. Don’t T.O. this shit.
or ya might get smacked.
  • lose any type of money then come back and play the shit again. True man.
  • TAKE THE TIME to really look at these spreads and scenarios. LOOK.
Last Saturday,
Humbly thinking about my wagers still…
  • let people ya told ya won know when ya lost em money too, right?
  • look ya self in the mirror and just understand you may just suck.

*Luckily, that last one ain’t our prob.

Last Week On Mayo Spreads

3/5 on spreads.
5/10 last two weeks.

Week 9

3/5 on spreads, 2/3 on O/U, 0/1 on parlay, and 0/1 on upset.

If I’m telling ya to take it, just know I feel fucking exceptional about it and have looked into it like fuck. However, the ball doesn’t always roll pleasantly.

Mayo Spreads been defeated before…

But, it takes a true man to understand that.

another true man…he never quit.
keep wagering boys.

Here is a true man’s spreads for week 10:


Menu OptionsFavorite On PlateSpread Selection
(9)BYU vs. (21)BSUBYU -3BYU -3
UNC vs. DUKEUNC -10UNC -10
WVU vs. (22)TEXTEX -6.5TEX -6.5
(8)FLA vs. (5)UGAUGA -3.5FLA +3.5
PITT vs. FSUFSU -2.5PITT +2.5
Week 10 In College Football
  • Injury is striking the Broncos in the ass just two weeks into their season. BYU needs to do a fuck ton to get an at large bid to the playoffs and this is a great start. Take BYU and points.
  • I’ve missed one of many putting my coins against this awful, yet getting better Duke team. Ima do it again.
  • Not on this longhorn wagon, but I do like them against a WVU team that loss by 14 to OKST and 7 to T-TECH. Can’t say Texas “needs it” as I’ve said so many times before.
  • Simple move for me here. Going with the better QB scenario due to UGA not really showing they can win if this shit is a shootout. Florida scored 38 in a win against South Carolina, a season low. Georgia scored 24 in a rough ass beating against Alabama, season high. Gimme Trask.
  • Don’t “Florida State is a favorite” me like that. Not against a nice little PITT team.



(13)Indiana SMACKS (23)Michigan

Can we act like Michigan isn’t a fucking favorite here?

Parlay Pudding on HTM:

  • Mississippi State
  • UNC
  • PITT

*all to win straight up, group em and go.

Bless ya hearts on all that.

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