Mayo Spreads: Week Two Wager Whirlwind

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Mayo Spreads Week Two

Mayo Spreads during week two take on a whole different identity. Last go around was nothing short of a colossal tragedy.

  • 4/13 in NFL spreads and picks.
  • 1/5 in college spreads and picks.
Fucking flakes.

However, what do ya do when the wheels fall off?

Ya keep loading the wagon, pal.

Strap em up soldier, we in for a doozie.

College Football takes the whole plate today.

Mayo Spreads: Week Two Wager Whirlwind

Menu OptionsFavorite On PlateSpread Selection
TLSA vs. (11)OK ST.(11)OKST. +23.5Tulsa +23.5
(19)UL vs. GS(19)UL -16.5(19)ULL -16.5
USF vs. (7)ND(7)ND -23.5Under 48
(14)UCF vs. GT(14)UCF -7.5GT +7.5 (TO WIN)
(17)MIA vs. (18)LOU(18)LOU -1.5(17)MIA +1.5 & OVER 64.5
Week Two Mayo Spreads

No More!

Again, it was absolutely fuckery last weekend and there is no chance in blue hell that it happens that way again. Enjoy these spreads I’ve laid on the table and of course the NFL wagers will be going up this evening.

Also, HTM Undressed 119: Free Mouth Friday XI.
Will be released later on today on…

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  • Spotify
  • Amazon Music
FB: Hold The Mayo
Full Undressed Stream.

Wish everyone of you assholes the best of luck.

Don’t fucking blow it.


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