Mayo Spreads: Who’s Next? Week 9 In College Football

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Mayo Spreads is back for week 9.

No need to tell anyone about last week because it’s so Week 9 in college football.

(if that doesn’t work)

Don’t tell us about last week because last week doesn’t hang out on the couch with nobody making these critical picks.

(that should work)

But, yeah 2/5 was the outcome last week.

the PURSUIT continues…
last week though

& I’m here to say fuck that outcome and everything that it stands for as an actual outcome. Fellas, do ya feel that?

From 1997-1998, WCW’s Bill Goldberg obliterated the entire roster with an “official” record of 173 straight wins. Bill would later lose to Big Sexy Kevin Nash.

That’s the Goldberg like sparks flying around hitting ya in ya ass. We bout to make a legendary late 90’s Goldberg like run on these fucking spreads.

(slaps the door open)

Who’s Next?

Week 9 In College Football Mayo Spreads

Let’s eat.

Menu OptionsFavorite On PlateSpread Selection
MISS vs. VANDYMISS -16.5MISS -16.5
(5)UGA vs. UKUGA -17.0UGA -17.0
(24)OKLA vs. TTECHOU -14.0OU -14.0
(3)OSU vs. (18)PSUOSU -12.5OSU -12.5
Week 9 College Mayo Spreads
  • Love Lane this week against Vandy in a Vandy dandy disaster.
  • Stop believing in Kentucky. This game gonna help ya out a bit.
  • Chuba is gonna eat these boys alive like pork skins. Texas ones…
  • Ya head will tell ya Tech, but ya head is wrong for a change. Tough…
  • Penn State was horrific to watch fall in OT last week. They will fall harder against Ohio State and Justin Fields who threw just one incompletion last week, bro. Just one…
Nobody thought the Mail Man would hit Curt with a Diamond Cutter.
Until he did…
Nobody thought Hogan would fall to Bill.
Until he did…
on the fucking spreads.

Upset: Houston over UCF

Over/Under the tables:

UGA/UK – o/42.5

BSU/AFA – o/49

TEX/OKST – o/59

Parlay That’ll Pay

  • Florida
  • Ohio State
  • Ole Miss
  • UGA/UK o/42.5
Bill & Daffy fucking Duck in ’03
feels a lot like…
Devin in October 2020.

Remember this,

I’m just asking to go 8/10 to feel like Bill.

Rubber getting old and that tread getting flat? Riding around in a piece that just needs a tune up is fine too. No worries at all champ. If ya in New Orleans or near by…

Click the yellow Midas to schedule an appt.

Brakes, Oil Change, Tires
Whatever you need right now.
Ask for Vince.


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