Mayo Spreads: Why The Fuck Would I Pick Atlanta?

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Pick the falcons? Why... Mayo Spreads.

Don’t make any sense of this pick Atlanta advocacy moment. I got completely drummed yesterday in mayo spreads for college football.

goodbye to these vibes.

It was hard to speak on and still is very brutal.

Yeah, went full Cera in This Is The End.

However, in a complete fuck the world move I’ve decided to put my eggs in the basket of some full blown fugazi’s.

Pick Atlanta, just do it.

Never second guessed it, didn’t reach, just felt really fucking right when I woke up this morning down 500 bucks.

It has to work.

Let’s fucking eat or starve.

Let’s see if we capture a blessing.


If ya need a cool breeze on this day of pigskin.

& ya just not getting the right performance outta ya A/C and/or even ya heater. Sounds like you need a repair, pal.

Expert Air with a clean 1.5 Ton Daikin Complete System Install for our customer’s future man cave.

Posted by Expert Air A/C and Heating on Wednesday, October 7, 2020

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