Mayo Spreads Writes Wins, Sins, And Tragedies For UFC Vegas 19

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Derrick Lewis makes Jon Jones really scared.

Let’s stroll past this UFC Vegas 19 menu and see what we can pick at. Not about to sit here and wait on pigskin wagers to make me smile again. With three fantastic Heavyweight brawls on the card this Saturday night, it seems like a prime opportunity to make a few bucks.

The Beast is back to eat face.

The New Orleans grown BLACK BEAST is back to add another KO to his resume and get that title shot once again after getting choked out by Daniel Cormier in his only title shot back in 2018. Derrick Lewis has everything to win right here as his opponent Curtis Blaydes has very high expectations each and every fight he’s been in lately.

Cormier after defeating Lewis in 2018.
Listen to what he says.

Oooooof, not a good look ^

Derrick Lewis trolls fantastic.

Ya Should Know

  • Blaydes will look to take down Lewis pretty quickly and exert his ground and pound on the Black Beast.
  • Derrick Lewis has forgone focusing on striking during this training camp to work solely on wrestling and ground game. Folks know he can throw.
  • This fight was supposed to happen in November, but Blaydes tested positive for COVID.
  • That much more time for Lewis to work on that ground game that he’ll need right away in the fight.
  • Blaydes has NEVER submitted anyone.
  • Both have defeated fighters that the opponent failed to defeat.
    • Blaydes TKO over Dos Santos.
    • Lewis decision win over Ngannou.
    • One pretty significant example.
  • Lewis on three fight win streak.
  • Blaydes on four fight win streak.
Curtis Blaydes getting in Overeem’s ass.
Overeem defeated Lewis.

The reason why I bring up Blaydes not having a submission on his record is because I do think that is what it would take for him to beat Derrick Lewis. Just like Cormier took him out right away in the second round with a basic rear-naked choke, Blaydes could do the same. However, if it’s a brawl and Curtis is expecting to ground and pound the beast to sleep? Not so fast my friend. It’s just too much work and I just don’t see it.

UFC Vegas 19
Five Grabs

UFC Vegas 19
  • Daukaus has to end Oleinik quickly and smartly as all it takes is the wrong head movement and Oleinik can choke ya out from any angle, fucking Russian style. I believe Daukaus can crack him early and put him out.
  • Hawes will handle Imavov first round.
  • Eddie Wineland is the most extravagant looking fella on the card and may just be the most entertaining along side Derrick Lewis. Look for Wineland to put on a show.
  • Aspinall has made quick work of some bums leading up to his biggest test yet, Andrei Arlovski whom is literally impossible to fucking KO. I’m taking a risk here on the young buck, if any wager loses it’s this one for me.
  • Derrick Lewis represents.

Lemme stick with this and pray because UFC is always a hell of a fucking ride on wagers. It comes down to the simple fact that two dudes or gals who love to fucking fight are fighting in the end.


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